A customized, collaborative, and curated space for global learners.

Study with universities and instructors across the world.

Connect with locals and create a global community.

Experience cultural events within our global workspace that broaden your perspectives and add an international edge to your resume.

It’s all there at a fraction of the cost with future scholarships available toward 2021 abroad programs.

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    Connect with
    Other Curious Learners

    Join in on cultural events hosted by API’s exceptional Resident Directors with other students from around the world. Think: Cooking classes! Art and graffiti tours! International movie nights! Scavenger hunts through famous museums!

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    Your Semester

    In our Global Select program, we are available to help you build your perfect course loads from institutions in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, or Spain. You can even add a course from your own university or API’s Innovation Lab or Virtual Global Internship.

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    Collaborate with
    Virtual Teams

    In our Innovation Lab, you work in a team for 10 weeks to uncover creative business solutions to global challenges making connections with peers, mentors and cultural coaches along the way. At the end, you showcase your work in a pitch competition to industry experts.

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    Curate Your Resume

    In our Virtual Global Internship, you can enhance your career readiness and develop workplace cultural competency—all from home!

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    Collect Scholarships Toward
    Future API Programs

    Sign up to receive a $500 scholarship toward a 2021 summer study abroad program or $3000 toward a quarter or semester-long study abroad program.

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    Come Along on
    New Adventures

    All virtual students are eligible to go on an optional 7-16 day excursion to Argentina, Australia, Italy, London and Paris, New Zealand, or Spain in January or March 2021.

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API has partnered with some of our top international university partners from around the world to offer their expansive course catalogs to our students for a truly global, borderless and connected experience!

Pre-Designed Tracks for Students

  • General Education Requirements
  • International Business
  • Global Sustainability, Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies
  • International and Intercultural Communications
  • International Perspectives in Psychology
  • Global Health

We are also available to help you build your perfect track. Take anywhere from 1 to 6 online courses with the option to add API's Innovation Lab or Virtual Global Internship, or courses from your own university.


As part of this program, you complete activities and exercises earning you a Global Agility Badge.


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In this immersive lab experience, you work with a team of peers to uncover creative business solutions to global challenges. Along the way, you are mentored by a group of cultural coaches and advisors who prepare you to present your work in a pitch competition to industry experts.

Upon completion, the solutions you uncover and the connections you build will help you gain a global edge and give you the skills to jumpstart your career.

Want more? Add the Innovation Lab to a regular API program, including Global Select, or take as a standalone.


You will receive three badges in the API Digital Badge stack, including: Global Innovation, Global Teamwork, and Global Problem-Solving.


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Grow international skills, gain workplace cultural competency, and add a boost to your resume...all from home!

Virtual Internship Participants can also pair their placement with either API’s Global Select program or Innovation Lab and will participate in rich, cultural experiences provided through APIConnect.


As part of this program, you complete activities and exercises earning you a Global Workplace Communication Badge.


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Everything from customized coursework to cultural experiences, API has packaged it all in one curated, collaborative space for global learners.

In one day, you can take classes from talented instructors around the world, then meet up with one of API’s local Resident Directors to experience the sights and sounds of a new destination.


- Virtual art and graffiti tours through the streets of cities like Valparaiso, Chile

- An international movie night

- Learn to cook Tortilla Española with our staff in Spain


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Showcase your new skills with API’s Digital Badge program. Upon successful program completion, you earn unique digital credentials you can display on your LinkedIn, e-portfolio, online resume, etc.

1. Show employers the specific steps you took to build essential skills they value, like leadership, strategic planning, empathy, and more.

2. Level-up your virtual experience by completing guided activities that connect you with global experts.

3. Demonstrate your ability to maximize opportunities to thrive in the virtual environment and a readiness to innovate in a global, digital economy.

APIConnect's Digital Badges
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Global Agility

Global Agility

Earn this digital badge by completing activities attached to API's Global Select program.

- The exercises are designed to enhance your global career readiness by building skills like leadership, strategic planning, cultural competence, and more!

- Show employers your agility in embracing diverse points of view to produce meaningful change and transform challenge to opportunity.

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Global Innovation

Global Innovation

This digital badge is the capstone badge of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack. Earn it in the Innovation Lab course. With it, you showcase your ability to:

- Collaborate with teammates to innovate solutions to global challenges.

- Learn from cultural coaches and build connections with industry mentors.

- Connect your solutions to real-world applications.

- Drive innovation to make a meaningful impact.

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Global Teamwork

Global Teamwork

This digital badge is part of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack.

- Earn this digital badge by working with a team to create innovative solutions to global problems.

- Diverse perspectives, cultural competence, and a drive to succeed are all key to collaborations that make an impact.

- Assess your collaborative skills, practice peer review, and refine your individual approach to leadership in team settings.

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Global Problem Solving

Global Problem Solving

This digital badge is part of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack.

- Earn this badge through addressing global problem solving by embracing diverse perspectives, leveraging curiosity, networking with experts, and piloting solutions.

- Design, implement, assess, and modifying to test your hypotheses and grow skills of resilience and change management.

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Global Workplace Communication

Global Workplace Communication

Earn this Digital Badge by navigating diverse cultural workplace environments and developing essential skills necessary for success in a global economy.

- Contribute meaningfully to strategic goals of an international company by refining communication skills through practice in real time.

- Demonstrate your ability to embrace innovation in remote work and enhance your individual professional strengths with a global perspective.