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Harlaxton Manor is many things. A gloriously beautiful 150-room stately home set in the beautiful English countryside. One of England’s “100 Best” great houses, according to Simon Jenkins of the London Times. A proud heritage for the entire world—Harlaxton is a Grade I Listed Historic Building. A masterpiece created by its architect, Anthony Salvin, who also bid to build the Houses of Parliament.

And now, for half a century, nearly one-third of its life, Harlaxton Manor has been a vibrant home to Harlaxton College, where the energetic daily lives of students and faculty bring the Manor into the present, even casting its shadow of hope into the far future as students leave to become responsible global citizens.

Join API for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience living and learning in an English country manor house in true Hogwarts style on our high school summer program at Harlaxton Manor! Students will live and eat the majority of their meals, including a welcome banquet in the manor house and classes will be held in the staterooms. Orientation will be held in London where the group will spend 3 days seeing the major sites. There will be plenty of field trips in the afternoons to local castles, manor houses, and villages. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to socialize and stay active through playing sports you are familiar with, as well as learning new ones (cricket, rugby, or handball). We are looking forward to welcoming you to this amazing program!

“Harlaxton Manor itself may be our best teacher. Each of us would like to be 'The Best Teacher in the Place', but I keep thinking the best teacher IS the place. Our students are themselves living in history, and they can't avoid it."

Harlaxton Faculty Member
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    Cultural Activities

    • Field trips
    • Costume Ball
    • Choir
    • Theater
    • Rugby
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    Things to Do

    Explore the amazing Manor grounds

    Make friends with the locals in Grantham village

    Compete for the House Cup!

    Visit Belton House

    Go for a walk in the Lincolnshire countryside and along the Grantham Canal

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    Festivals & Holidays

    Bonfire Night (November)

    Shrove Tuesday (March)

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    University Highlights

    Harlaxton College is located in a gorgeous English manor, dating from 1832. It is a full-service college that caters to the needs of its students and provides a strong sense of community.

    Harlaxton has been a premier study abroad destination for over 45 years!

    The college is operated by the University of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana).

On-Site Staff


Rachel Wellborn

Rachel will be your Resident Director in Leeds and will be a resource for you while you are in England!