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Work with a team of 4-6 peers to build essential skills of cross-cultural teamwork and collaboration, concept design, and to develop innovative business solutions to global challenges. The Innovation Lab is designed to leverage the UN Global Goals as a blueprint for understanding global problems that need solving, like poverty, gender equality, and climate action – among many others – for a healthier and happier world.


Program Details

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Fully Funded Experience

Enroll in this 12-week session, fully funded – at no cost to you! You’ll also earn the API Innovation Lab digital badge stack to include on your LinkedIn profile and other websites.


Diverse Perspectives

Engage diverse perspectives and grow professional skills to take an idea from concept to business pitch. 

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Team-Based Learning

Work in a team to develop business solutions to address the UN Global Goals and build a global network of contacts.

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Gain New Skills

Learn Lean Launchpad entrepreneurship methodology supporting your future professional development.


Global Support

Team support provided by coaches who keep your solutions global and industry experts who provide feedback on your work

Keep Connected

Engage in live events throughout the session bring UN Global Goals into focus featuring speakers, activities, networking, and more!

“The experience of creating a nearly full-blown business plan, the opportunity to learn from the keynote speakers, and the ability to work with a team from around the world are extremely unique when compared with anything that can be experienced in a typical university class.”

Nicholas M.
Previous Innovation Lab Participant

Earn Digital Badges for Your Online Portfolio

Set yourself apart to future employers with API digital badges to differentiate your resume! Maximize your experience by completing unique activities designed to enhance your experience and develop essential skills.

Earn a Global Teamwork Badge with API

Global Teamwork

Earn this digital badge by working with a team to create innovative solutions to global problems. Diverse perspectives, cultural competence, and a drive to succeed are all key to collaborations that make an impact. Assess your collaborative skills, practice peer review, and refine your individual approach to leadership in team settings.

Earn a Global Problem Solving Badge with API

Global Problem Solving

Address global problem solving by embracing diverse perspectives, leveraging curiosity, networking with experts, and piloting solutions. Design, implement, assess, and modify to test your hypotheses and grow skills of resilience and change management. 

Earn a Global Innovation Badge with API

Global Innovation

Collaborate with teammates to innovate solutions to global challenges. Learn from cultural coaches and build connections with industry mentors. Connect your solutions to real-world applications. Drive innovation to make a meaningful impact.


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