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API provides so much more than just Study Abroad and Internships with the same focus on quality, support and safety.

If you're looking for something else, learn more about our pre-college programs as well as opportunities to help communities all over the world through volunteer work or teaching.

"Not only was I able to travel extensively, but I also made lasting relationships with locals. My worldview will never be the same."

- API Teach in Vietnam Participant

API programs offer high school students opportunities to learn and develop relevant global skills through fun and enriching summer study abroad programs. From expanding one's Spanish language skills in Costa Rica or Spain to giving back to local communities through service programs in Bhutan, API has diverse and enriching high school summer programming.

API High School summer programs foster better relationships with their fellow program participants and local host community, while gaining international experience in an increasingly globalized world.

You've graduated high school, but you're looking to do something impactful before you head to college... Gap is the right place for you.

API gap year study abroad programs offer recent high school graduates the opportunity to complete college courses abroad prior to beginning an undergraduate program at a university in the U.S.

If you're looking something different than a classroom experience, API also offers gap internships and gap community service programs around the world. API internship programs offer a number of career and cultural resources to help participants maximize their personal and professional development. Gap community service programs allows students to gain new perspectives, learn about the value of teamwork, and witness how sharing across cultures can have a positive impact on all involved.

Teaching English is one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel, give back to a community, immerse yourself in a new culture, and gain practical teaching experience. Appreciation of cultural diversity and English language skills are increasingly necessary in a global economy. You can help others to expand their personal and professional opportunities, and broaden your own perspective, through your interactions within the school and community. Live abroad while doing something inspiring, fun, and valuable!

Expect plenty of lifetime opportunities when volunteering abroad offers - gain personal growth; make a difference in the lives of people from local communities, go on an adventure, and immerse in a new culture!

API has developed strong relationships with conservation groups, animal rescue centers, orphanages, schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations abroad. We will work with your skills and preferences to best match your passions with the availability, needs, and objectives of the local host community.

API will provide you with the support and security you need to successfully plan your volunteer abroad adventure!

In addition to our dedicated Intern, Teach, and Volunteer programs, API also offers students the option to experience these opportunities while on a semester, academic year, or summer study abroad program. In most cases, students can earn academic credit, though some opportunities are offered without credit. Most of these opportunities are included in the cost of the program, though a few are offered for an additional fee.