Two Summer Online Courses Designed for High School Students

Inside the Business of Fashion and Luxury

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Introduction to Design and Management (deadline extended to June 30th)

API partners with Parsons Paris to offer two courses where you will learn the history of fashion, how trends are made, and the skills you need to pursue a career in design and management.

Earn college credit or a Certificate of Completion from Parsons Paris, as well as access to the APIConnect virtual experience.

Parsons Paris Summer Online Courses

Read about the courses below and how you can add a boost to your resume AND build a global community through the APIConnect virtual experience. 

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Inside The Business Of Fashion & Luxury

- Learn about the history of fashion, how trends are made, and learn about the skills you need to pursue a career.

- Course ends with an Insider’s Challenge where you demonstrate your learning and apply the knowledge you’ve gained. Share your challenge through text, photography, video, collages, or drawings.

- Receive guidance from a Parsons mentor giving support on unit assignments, the confidence to be successful, and brainstorming on your Insider Challenge!

- Sessions are offered every two weeks through August 29th. Receive a Certificate of Completion from Parsons Paris at the end of the session.



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Introduction to Design and Management

- Study and learn the ins and outs of design and fashion management in an online space.

- Learn to approach management as a strategic process that combines design innovation and business knowledge.

- Working both individually and collaboratively, you can enjoy live sessions, self-paced exercises, and hands-on collaborative projects, that enrich your portfolio. Also, you can view talks from guest speakers in the fashion, luxury, and creative industries.

- Engage in design thinking and business strategy, applying these in a broad range of enterprises and real-world business scenarios.

- Course runs through July 6 - July 24. Receive 3 academic credits upon successful completion.


Application Due: June 30th


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The APIConnect Virtual Experience and Digital Badge Program

- Along with academic credits or a certificate of completion, you can earn the API Digital Agility badge, showcasing to employers your career readiness with skills like leadership, strategic planning, cultural competence!

- Enjoy student life activities and the opportunity to build international network while gaining new international perspectives wherever you are in the world!

- Join in on rich, immersive cultural experiences hosted by API's resident directors. Think: Art and architecture tours through the streets of Paris! Open mic nights! Dance classes! Cheese tasting classes! Art and graffiti tours!

Meet Your Instructors and Mentors

Parsons Paris renowned faculty and mentors will be there to guide you through the course objectives and lessons. 

Parsons Paris Faculty and Mentors

Eros Erotokritos

Eros Erotokritos

A designer with his own brand and ecommerce business, Eros is the founder of two boutiques in Paris. He is internationally known as a specialist in the elements of style.


Anna Krutiy

Anna Krutiy

A marketing and product development manager with expertise in luxury brands, Anna has worked with such names as Chanel Paris, Swarovski SAS and the Woolmark Company.


Badara Ndiaye

Badara Ndiaye

An influencer and source of new ideas, Badara is a creative director and inspirational figure in Paris fashion. His clients have included Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Puma, Adidas and Fashion TV.


Abbygail Talao

Abbygail Talao

M.A., Fashion Studies, Parsons Paris, Parsons School of Design. Currently Brand Manager at Magnet Companies.


Rachel Francois

Rachel Francois

M.A., Fashion Studies, Parsons/The New School of Design. Currently Senior Director of Academic +, Career Advising, The New School, New York.


Maegan Stracy

Maegan Stracy

M.A., Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design (in progress). Surface Design Instructor/Head Counselor, Textile Art Center, New York.


Mariza Galindo

Mariza Galindo

M.A., Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design. Currently Royal College of Art, London, UK, candidate for PhD in textiles. Digital Communications Officer at the Association of Dress Historians, London.


Shefali Judeline Jauhar

Shefali Judeline Jauhar

M.A. Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design. Currently Teaching Assistant at Parsons School of Design, New York.


Kalina Deng

Kalina Deng

M.A., Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design. Currently works in Global Digital Innovation at Coach, New York.

Maurits montanez 800x600

Maurits Montanez

Maurits Montanez

Maurits is a trilingual entrepreneur who works at the intersection of technology and culture. He specializes in the creation of new media, management across cultures, design thinking, user experience design, lean product management, and agile software development. With a background in computational systems engineering, he has founded three technology-based companies, most recently Manuvo. In 2016, the MIT Technology Review named Maurits to its list of Innovators Under 35, an honor given to young innovators at the vanguard of technology finding solutions to global problems.