Go Abroad, Go Virtual, or Do Both!

Spring 2021 presents a unique challenge for those wanting to go abroad. In the midst of uncertainty around the world, API is helping students keep their options as open as possible!

We give you three choices: Go abroad, go virtual, or do both!

We are carefully monitoring safety conditions on-site, making plans to safely support students who travel, and providing opportunities for students who aren't ready to travel again. We hope the wide variety of options helps you to start building your plan we're here to support you as you explore the possibilities!

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Your Spring 2021 Options

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Go Abroad!

The majority of API’s Spring 2021 programs around the world are still open and accepting applications. As you consider where to go, here are some of our most popular sites among applicants thus far:

  1. Florence
  2. London
  3. Seville
  4. Barcelona
  5. Lisbon
  6. Paris

In addition to these larger programs, we have smaller sites available as well, such as our program in Grenoble, France.

Not seeing the locations you want? We have more than 150 programs available in nearly 40 locations! Check out our program finder for Spring 2021 programs currently available.

If API must cancel your program prior to your departure due to COVID-19, we will help you find a new location or provide a full refund of all program fees. Where necessary, all students will be notified of a program cancellation a minimum of 60 days prior to their departure, leaving plenty of time for you to identify a new location or alternative plan.

With as many options as we have available, we recommend our students remain flexible and open to potential alternatives as COVID-19 guidelines continue to shift.

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Go Virtual!

With our virtual programming, you can experience the world from anywhere in the world. With program dates ranging from two weeks up to a full semester, you have the option to build the perfect global session that works for you.


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Do Both!

Want to go abroad and take a virtual class? Use our mix and match programming option to build the term that works for you!

Whether you want to go abroad, go virtual, or do both — API has you covered.


COVID-19 and Spring 2021 Cancellation and Withdrawal Policies

API will refund students of all program fees paid, including the application deposit ($150) and confirmation payment ($400).

More than 60 days out from the program start date: API will refund all fees, including $150 application deposit and the confirmation payment.

31-59 days out from the program start date: API will keep only the $150 application deposit and the $400 confirmation payment, and refund all other program fees.

1-30 days out from the program start date: Students are responsible for 50% of the program fee, plus the application and confirmation deposits.

Withdrawals 61+ days out from the program start date: Refund all fees, except the $150 application deposit.

Withdrawals 31-60 days prior to program start date: Refund all fees, except the $150 application fee and $400 confirmation fee.

Withdrawals 1 – 30 days prior to the program start date: The student is responsible for 50% of the program cost plus the application deposit and confirmation fee, as well as any additional fees accrued.

Withdrawal on the program start date or after the program has begun: The student is responsible for 100% of the program cost as well as any additional fees accrued.

No refunds from API will be provided to students if a program is cancelled or suspended after the program start date, nor if a university moves to recall students from abroad after the program has begun.

The opportunity to study and travel internationally is something we hope all students can experience. In the event that API cancels a program due to COVID-19 or should a student choose to not travel internationally at this time, we encourage all applicants to consider deferring to a future program. A student can defer their application to the same program next year or to another upcoming program that fits their academic or career goals. As long as the student makes this decision 61 or more days prior to the program start date, all deposits can be transferred to the future program.

If API cancels a program, the Program Coordinator/Manager will invite students to consider deferring. If a student makes the choice not to go abroad before API has cancelled, they can simply email us to defer their enrollment. Please note that the standard withdrawal policy will be applied to the new session and the application deposit is non-refundable unless a student is not admitted into the API program or the API program is cancelled.

If a student prefers to withdraw from a program, they will need to alert the Program Coordinator/Manager in writing, as soon as possible.

API is here for YOU

Curious which options work best for you? We're here to help. Chat with us, or give us a call at 1-512-600-8900 or toll free at 1-800-844-4124 weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Enroll now. Earn a Scholarship for Later.

Students who enroll in a spring 2021 virtual program are eligible for a $500 scholarship toward a future API summer on-site study abroad program, or a $3000 scholarship toward a future API semester-long or quarter-long on-site study abroad program.

Scholarships are for future study abroad opportunities with API only and must be taken by the end of 2022.