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Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadores, Buenos Aires, Argentina has evolved into a thriving, cosmopolitan city with more than 6 million inhabitants within the city limits and another 6 million in the surrounding areas. Known for its vibrant nightlife, where tango thrives in tangueras, milongas, and cultural centers, Buenos Aires offers a dazzling array of learning opportunities, cultural events, and social attractions. The seat of the national government, Buenos Aires presents a unique opportunity to analyze the politics and history of this complex and fascinating country. Universities, museums, theatres, shopping districts, and restaurants abound in this metropolis, described by many as the Paris of Latin America.

API offers students three universities to choose from for study abroad in Buenos Aires.

The Universidad del Salvador is a Jesuit institution founded in 1956. The university enrolls close to 24,000 students and welcomes over 500 international exchange students each year. The university is most well known for its academic programs in the humanities, literature, medicine, psychology, and social sciences. Students with a variety of Spanish proficiency levels are invited to take courses in English or Spanish with local students, as well as choose from a select list of courses just for visiting international students. The university is integrated within the surrounding city and its buildings are all located within ten blocks of one another in the center of Buenos Aires, in the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Congreso. The university offers visiting students many options to get involved with the local community and student life through service-learning classes, sports and music clubs, and more!

Established in 1964, the Universidad de Belgrano (UB) now enrolls approximately 11,500 students, including 2,000 international students. Located in the charming and picturesque neighborhood of Belgrano, the university offers 24 different degrees, both at the undergraduate and the graduate level. It has a long history of welcoming international students and offering dual degrees with U.S. universities. The academic programs at the Universidad de Belgrano are suitable for all students regardless of language level; there are options for students ranging from beginning to advanced levels of Spanish.

Established formally as a university in 1991, the Universidad Torcuato di Tella (UTDT) grew out of an existing research institution known as the Instituto Torcuato di Tella, founded in 1958. Modeled after the tradition of an American liberal arts institution, this small private university is also based in the Belgrano neighborhood within Buenos Aires, a charming area of tree-lined streets and private residences. UTDT prides itself on its research capabilities and the quality of its professors, the majority of whom hold advanced degrees from American or European universities. The university offers degrees in law, architecture, economics and business, international relations, political science and government, and history.

“The API Buenos Aires staff was absolutely wonderful. It was obvious that they cared deeply about the students and did everything possible to make us feel welcome and comfortable. It felt more like becoming part of a family than just participating in a program!"

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