API students will have the opportunity to study abroad in Croatia in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Located on the southern tip of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik is known for its charming old town, medieval architecture, and gorgeous beaches. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik offers the perfect location to study diplomacy, conflict and peace studies and international relations. Come explore this (re)emerging corner of the Mediterranean and study abroad in Croatia with API!

Though it is a relatively new country in its own right, Croatia has been an influential and important part of European politics and culture for hundreds of years. From an outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through World War I, to a constituent of Yugoslavia until the collapse of the iron curtain and the breakup of that nation, Croatia has been a member of complex political alliances. Independent now for over 20 years and fully recovered from war and division, Croatia is fast losing its status as one of Europe’s best-kept secrets!