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Application Requirements

  • 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Open to college sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Entry requirements: valid passport with student visa
  • Supplemental application requirements are solicited upon receipt of API application
  • University Approval Form
Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Spring Feb 7, 2021 - May 15, 2021 $12,800 Sep 15, 2020 Oct 1, 2020

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and the surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Prague programs. All excursions are subject to change.

  • Karlovy Vary

    Echoing the opulence of the golden days of the European aristocracy, Karlovy Vary is one of the most beautiful spa towns in the world. Take a walk along the Teplá River enjoying the elegant colorful architecture and sampling the local healing waters at one of the colonnades with springs. Czech extra: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, one of the oldest film festivals in the world, is held in the city annually and Karlovy Vary also served as a backdrop for 2006 James Bond film "Casino Royale". The luxurious Grand Hotel Pupp became "Hotel Splendid" in the movie and also served as one of the inspirations for Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

  • Český Krumlov:

    A UNESCO World Heritage site, Český Krumlov has already become a major stop for travelers in the Czech Republic. One can still get a quiet look at this renaissance town if you choose to stay there overnight and go exploring after the day-trippers have left. You can wander the tiny streets in the center, check out the palace with all of its Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo trappings, and the bear moat (yes – a moat with bears in it) that surrounds it, or go rafting on the river running through the town center. You’ll see an amazing variety of architecture from the 14th to 17th century, all packed into this tiny historic town.

  • Brno

    The second largest city in CZ, Brno is the capital of Moravia, the eastern region of the country known for its vineyards, castles, medieval towns, and the whispers of the Great Moravian Empire that dominated Central Europe in the 9th century. Our visit will include castle visits, a day trip to Olomouc (a medieval UNESCO town nearby) and an introduction to Moravian cuisine, which reflects the influence of Austria, Hungary, and Poland.

  • National Park (Cesky Raj, ect):

    Český ráj (i.e. Czech Paradise) is a beloved national park in the north of Czech Republic. It is best known for its countless sandstone rock towers that are crisscrossed by arches, tunnels, wooden ladders, and crowsnest-like viewing platforms. The lush forest and magical rock formations have made it a filming location for Narnia. The nearby ruins of improbable Trojsky Castle provide a glimpse of the challenges of medieval life.

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 12-15 credits per semester

Over the sixty years since its founding the VSE University of Economics, Prague has acquired substantial international recognition as one of the top public business schools in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides a competitive and professional yet friendly environment for study and self-development for more than 15,000 students, from all over the world. The main campus of VŠE is in Prague 2 in the Vinohrady and Žižkov areas of Prague. This is a very “Bohemian” area with a lot of cafes for students to meet and enjoy themselves after study. Even the name of the area “U Rajske Zahrady” (at the place of the tomato garden) tells you how it was being used prior to 1918. It’s a favorite area for students and a place to gather.


API students will receive a transcript from VSE University of Economics upon completion of their program.

  • Rebecca Cott Head Shot

    Rebecca Cott

    Rebecca Cott will be your Program Manager and prepare you to go abroad!

    Email - [email protected]

  • Caleb House Prague RD

    Caleb House

    Caleb will be your resident director and a resource for you on-site in Prague!


API students at VSE Business School can choose from courses in international business, entrepreneurship, globalization and world politics, marketing, finance, Czech language, and more. All courses, with the exception of Czech, are offered in English.

CEP001 Elementary Czech

Students living in a foreign country will at some point need to ask directions, order food or just say hello. The language classes will introduce the student to the Czech language and ease his or her transition into Prague life through basic knowledge of the language. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the basic elements of Czech. The class will enable the students to begin to understand and speak very basic conversational Czech.

Language of Instruction: Czech   

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IP_310 Product Brand Marketing

The course introduces students to the practical aspects of product/brand marketing and to the specific role of “product / brand manager” in the company. The main pillar of the course is a marketing plan, its use in brand management and its implementation in the strategic management of the company.

This course cannot be taken together with course IP_340 International Marketing Communications.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_312 International Strategy of Global Companies

The aim of the course is to introduce students to company strategy and management in an
international context. Based on practical examples, this course gives students the basic knowledge and know how to deal with strategic questions regarding business development in an international context.

This course cannot be taken together with course IP_314 International Management.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_314 International Management

The aim of the course is to deepen and increase the knowledge of specifics connected with the activities of MNC. Students will study organizational structures, managerial philosophy in host countries and techniques for increase of added value within multinational production and business chains and methods of managing international teams.

This course cannot be taken together with course IP_312 International Strategy.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_315 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing

The subject offers an overview of entrepreneurship and develops the understanding of specific entrepreneurial situations. It supports entrepreneurial attitudes and motivation and develops skills needed for business start-up and efficient entrepreneurial approach.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_317 Globalization and World Politics

The aim of the course is to introduce the process and concept of globalization and its various aspects or dimensions, such as political, security, economic, societal, and environmental. To approach globalization in an interdisciplinary and critical manner.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_318 European Security and International Institutions

This course deals with European security architecture, predominantly by focusing on relevant international security organizations, security issues linked with European neighboring regions, and current security challenges. The aim is to provide an in-depth understanding of European security architecture by focusing on both key security institutions and key issues, such as terrorism, migration, cyber defense etc., which have direct ramifications for European security.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_323 Marketing in Central and Eastern Europe

This course will review various applications of marketing concepts within the continuously changing environments in Central and Eastern European markets. Focusing on customer relationship management, this course will explore product/service development, promotional techniques, pricing strategies, distribution alternatives, and marketing on the Internet.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_327 Cultural History of the Czech Lands

The course gives the students an outline of Czech history and its connections with European developments. Attention will be given to the way in which history is reflected in Czech arts and literature, as arts and literature have often contributed significantly to the political life of the country. A brief outline of the history of art and architecture will present the most important periods and will be supported with slides recommending to the students the most significant places of interest in this country. The course will also show the important role of music in the cultural life of this nation.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_331 Global Business and International Trade

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the basic knowledge of international trade theories and international trade development trends in recent decades. Special attention is given to the international trade position of Central and Eastern Europe. This course offers an approach to the consequences of the current changes in what was formerly East-West trade for opportunities within the region. The effect of globalization on trade around the world and the global economy is an important part of the course.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_334 International Relations

The course provides students with an introduction to International Relations (IR) and allows better understanding of the IR framework, concepts, context and substantive issues. It underlines European perspectives and the role of the European Union in IR.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_335 International Finance

The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of both the key features of foreign exchange markets and the actual problems of multinational corporations within an environment of free flows of foreign capital and floating exchange rates.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_340 International Marketing Communications

The course provides an integrated overview of the different forms of marketing communications (advertising, direct marketing and online communication, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling). The course focuses on their functions, theoretical background and practical applications.

This course cannot be taken together with course IP_310 Product Brand Marketing.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

IP_309 Psychology and Sociology in Organization

The course is aimed to acquire knowledge of basic concepts of psychology and sociology in organization and links among them with respect to their application in management. The course is also focusing on different approaches to psychology of individuals, motivation theories and approaches to psychology of personalities.

Language of Instruction: English   

View Syllabus   

  • Classes taught in English
    • International excursions

    API students in Prague will live in university residence halls.

    API students at VSE Business School will stay at the Jarov III. G student dormitory, which is located in Praha 3, about 20 minutes by tram from the university building. These dorms were renovated between 2015 and 2017, and each room comes with a balcony, kitchen with a cupboard (with cooking utensils and dishes), an electric hot plate, a microwave oven, and a fridge. A bathroom with a shower, 2 wash-basins, and separated WC is also located inside the flat. Each unit has space for 4 students, with double-room accommodations (single rooms may be possible).