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Application Requirements

  • 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Open to college sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Entry requirements: valid passport with student visa
  • Supplemental application requirements are solicited upon receipt of API application
  • University Approval Form

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and the surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Prague programs. All excursions are subject to change.

  • Budapest

    Budapest is Hungary’s capital and largest city. The river Danube flows through Budapest on its way to the Black Sea, dividing the city in two. In fact, Buda and Pest were officially united in 1873. Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, but its capital retains an Eastern mystique, with twisty old streets lined with beautiful architecture. Today Budapest is bustling with activity. The language will fascinate you, the nightlife buzzes, the classical music scene is impressive, and the Hungarian people are warm and welcoming. Budapest’s famous thermal baths are a “must-do” for the traveler. Due to Budapest’s stunning beauty, many tourists believe it to be one of the hidden treasures of Central Europe.

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 6 semester credits

Over the sixty years since its founding the VSE University of Economics, Prague has acquired substantial international recognition as one of the top public business schools in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides a competitive and professional yet friendly environment for study and self-development for more than 15,000 students, from all over the world. The main campus of VŠE is in Prague 2 in the Vinohrady and Žižkov areas of Prague. This is a very “Bohemian” area with a lot of cafes for students to meet and enjoy themselves after study. Even the name of the area “U Rajske Zahrady” (at the place of the tomato garden) tells you how it was being used prior to 1918. It’s a favorite area for students and a place to gather.

API summer students at VSE Business School can choose from courses in cultural studies, entrepreneurship, globalization, international business, marketing, Czech language, and more. All courses, with the exception of Czech, are offered in English.


API students will receive a transcript from VSE Business School upon completion of their program.

Staff & Coordinators

  • Paige Clark Ca

    Paige Clark

IP_316 Entrepreneurship

This course combines the theoretical understanding and the practical application of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial behavior. It examines the role of entrepreneurship as a key factor in the success of an SME and considers the Business Plan as a framework to capture entrepreneurial aspiration. It is aimed at students who either wish to understand entrepreneurship as a subject or who are considering starting their own business.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_347 International Marketing Communications with the Emphasis on Central Europe

The course provides an integrated overview of different forms of marketing communications (advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling) and focuses on their functions, theoretical background, and practical applications and specifics of their use in the international environment with a focus on Central Europe.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_360 European Cultural History and Its Impact on Central Europe

The course will give the students an outline of the history of the Czech state and its connections to Central European developments. Attention will be given to the way in which history is reflected in arts and literature, as arts and literature have often contributed significantly to the political life of the region.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_365 International Business in the Global Environment

The course focuses on international trade theories as a base for doing international business, international trade development trends in last decades, international trade policy, different forms of doing business, international competitiveness and social, legal or cultural aspects of international business. Special attention is given to the position of Central and Eastern Europe.

Language of Instruction: English   

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IP_369 Global Power Politics

The aim of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of global power politics by focusing on different sources of power (eg. economic size, military power, natural resources, political stability, new technologies and effective use of information). Subsequently, through the unique set of sources of power inherent to each international actor, it is demonstrated how these influence the performance of global and regional powers and affect their decision-making.

Language of Instruction: English   

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  • Classes taught in English
  • International excursions

API students in Prague will live in university residence halls or in individual apartments.

Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Summer Jun, 2020 - Jul, 2020 $4,990 Apr 1, 2020 Apr 15, 2020