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Harlaxton College is situated within its own 300-acre estate with parkland, woodland and a lake in the small charming village of Harlaxton. It is a mere 10-minute drive to the closest town, Grantham, a market town with a population of around 45,000. It is located to the North of London, which is just 1 hour away on a simple, direct train journey. There are regular shuttles provided to the center of Grantham, from which the train station is a short walk, ensuring that any travel is easily achieved.

Harlaxton Manor was begun in 1832 by Gregory Gregory. His vision for his house had been nurtured by travels in Europe, visits to numerous English houses of Elizabethan and Jacobean style, and his own architectural research. What he created has been described by Mark Girouard in his scholarly book, The Victorian Country House: “Harlaxton must be seen to be believed and even when one has seen it, it is not always easy to believe it.” Gregory merged the Elizabethan, and Jacobean with Baroque resulting in an “impression of power, exuberance, and abundance (Girouard).” Gregory focused his wealth and energies on collecting architectural antiques, furniture, and artworks to fill his masterpiece. The very best materials and craftsmen were chosen to create Harlaxton Manor. Nothing was left to chance as Gregory also conceived a dramatic entrance to his new home, down a mile long drive, over a bridge spanning a landscaped lake, through the Gatehouse, past the Baroque entry courtyard to the towering front façade. From Gregory’s day to the present, arrival at Harlaxton Manor never ceases to enchant and amaze.

Harlaxton College is located in a gloriously beautiful 150-room Grade 1 listed stately home dating from 1832 which is set in the stunning English countryside. It is one of England’s 100 best great house according to Simon Jenkins of the London Times and has more than a passing resemblance to Hogwarts!

Harlaxton is a unique full-service college that caters to the needs of students and provides a strong sense of community. There are numerous student organization and activities that promote involvement across a wide variety of interests, including student leadership committees, theatre, choir, music, sports, Christian Fellowship, PRIDE, and more.

British-style House competitions (think Harry Potter - Gryffindor and Slytherin, etc) keep students engaged throughout the semester, allowing them to show their talents in different areas – academic, athletic, creative and social – while earning points for their House.

Students form close relationships with each other, faculty and staff, as well as people in the local community through the Meet-a-Family Experience. This creates a firm support system, making the transition and cultural adjustment to English life an easier and more enjoyable experience.

There are around 150 students studying at Harlaxton during the semester and approximately 100 during the summer programme.

Harlaxton offers an academic program of the highest quality which integrates traditional teaching with experiential learning and extensive travel opportunities to create a unique study abroad experience.

“Harlaxton Manor itself may be our best teacher. Each of us would like to be 'The Best Teacher in the Place', but I keep thinking the best teacher IS the place. Our students are themselves living in history, and they can't avoid it."

Harlaxton Faculty Member
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    Cultural Activities

    • Field trips
    • Costume Ball
    • Choir
    • Theater
    • Rugby
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    Things to Do

    Explore the amazing Manor grounds

    Make friends with the locals in Grantham village

    Compete for the House Cup!

    Visit Belton House

    Go for a walk in the Lincolnshire countryside and along the Grantham Canal

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    Festivals & Holidays

    Bonfire Night (November)

    Shrove Tuesday (March)

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    University Highlights

    Harlaxton College is located in a gorgeous English manor, dating from 1832. It is a full-service college that caters to the needs of its students and provides a strong sense of community.

    Harlaxton has been a premier study abroad destination for over 45 years!

    The college is operated by the University of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana).

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