API offers students a wonderful opportunity for immersion into the German culture and way of life through study abroad in Germany. During the semester program, courses are conducted in English, and students are required to take a German language course. During the short-term and summer programs, the instruction is provided in German at all levels. Classes are comprised of other foreign and American students.

Germany is often called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers). It has been a central figure on the world’s stage for the past two hundred years – from the reign of the Kaisers, through the depths of the two World Wars, from the drama of the Cold War to its rise as a reunified nation. Germany is Europe’s largest economy (and the world’s 4th largest) and second-most-populous nation, and a key figure in the stability of the EU. Germans possess a rich and ancient culture, drawing pride from their ancient role as “barbarians” in staving off Roman conquest, to their own Holy Roman Empire. Their food and drink are among the richest in Europe, and their contributions to art, commerce, and science are unquestioned. Come study abroad in Berlin, Germany’s capital and one of the most trendy and cosmopolitan cities in Europe with API!