API students in Budapest can choose from a variety of undergraduate courses in English in the areas of economics, business, social sciences and public administration. Semester and academic year terms are available. Classes are comprised of other foreign and American students. Each course is worth 3 semester credits, and students typically take 12-15 credits per semester. Take the plunge and study abroad in Hungary with API!

A relatively small, landlocked nation of around ten million people, Hungary will steal your heart; lure you back, again and again, to sample its rich wines, lounge in its thermal spas, gaze at its natural beauty and make one more attempt to master its hermetic language.

A beautiful, and very hip, capital city, Budapest, has lively art, cafe and music scene, and is host to a range of cultural and sporting festivals. In the countryside, you’ll find majestic plains, resort-lined lakes, Baroque towns, horse markets, and rustic villages.