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Students who choose to study abroad in Dublin at the University College Dublin (UCD) choose from a range of undergraduate courses offered in the Faculties of American Studies, Arts and Celtic Studies, Business, Engineering, Human Sciences, Law, Life Sciences, and Mathematical & Physical Sciences. Courses are arranged in the seminar and lecture style, and grades are based predominantly on work submitted during the semester and by final exam.

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Application Requirements

  • Minimum G.P.A. 3.0
  • Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Completed API application
  • University Approval Form
  • One letter of recommendation
  • One official transcript
  • Copy of passport/birth certificate
  • Entry Requirements: Valid passport with supporting documentation

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Dublin programs. All excursions are subject to change.

  • The Wild Atlantic Way

    The Wild Atlantic Way is a world-famous coastal route that spans seven of Ireland’s counties, taking in some breathtaking scenery along the way. Stops may include the Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, the Cliffs of Moher, the Spanish Point, Doolin, the Ailwee Caves, the Burren, and more!

  • Dingle

    Dingle, a small fishing village, is renowned for its landscape and also for the warmth of its people. Beautiful mountainous and coastal countryside with castle ruins, ancient monuments, and archaeological sites are waiting to be discovered.

  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city, with a skyline that is dominated by the impressive 12th century Edinburgh Castle, perched on an extinct volcano and occupied since the 9th-century BC (!). Edinburgh’s streets, whether in the medieval Old Town or the Georgian New Town, are steeped in history and are home also to the Scottish Parliament, The Palace of Holyrood House, the Royal Mile, the Royal Yacht Britannia and Arthur’s Seat. Edinburgh has a thriving cultural scene and you can also visit The Elephant House coffee shop where J.K. Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter books! Just outside Edinburgh is the enigmatic 15th-century Rosslyn Chapel, of Da Vinci Code fame, where practically every surface of the chapel is covered with stone carvings of figures and scenes and the atmosphere is one of deep mystery.

  • Ring of Kerry

    The Ring of Kerry is a tourist trail and part of the mystical & unspoilt region of Ireland that has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. Its spectacular beauty is beyond question and it is a natural centre for outdoor pursuits that include golf, water sports, cycling, walking, running, riding and the very best fishing in freshwater rivers. Above all, the Ring of Kerry provides an amazing insight into the ancient heritage of Ireland and takes in some of the most spectacular landscapes of Ireland’s Southwest.

    There is a huge variety in the excursion including incredible scenery, historical and archaeological sites of national importance, Ceilí dancing, traditional music, Gaelic football, meeting local people, visiting a Gaelic speaking area and learning about local traditions & the way of life. Students get to experience life in Kerry and visit places most tourists never see. It’s always great fun or ‘great craic’ – an experience not to be missed!

  • Bray to Greystones Coastal Hike

    The beautiful coastal walk to Greystones, begins from the pretty seaside town of Bray, taking about 2-3 hours, we navigate one of the most picturesque coastal hikes to the quaint village of Greystones, packed with yummy eateries to suit all tastes!

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 15 credits per semester

Students who choose to study abroad in Dublin at the University College Dublin (UCD) choose from a range of undergraduate courses offered in the Faculties of American Studies, Arts and Celtic Studies, Business, Engineering, Human Sciences, Law, Life Sciences, and Mathematical & Physical Sciences. Courses are arranged in the seminar and lecture style, and grades are based predominantly on work submitted during the semester and by a final exam.


API students receive their transcript from University College Dublin upon successful completion of their program.

Staff & Coordinators

  • Mariana

    Mariana Delmonte-Gladstone

    Mariana Delmonte-Gladstone will be your Program Coordinator and prepare you to go abroad!

    Email -

  • Madden Nikki

    Nikki Madden

    Nikki Madden will be your Resident Director and a resource for you while you are in Ireland!

  • IMG 6264

    Alice Bolger

    Alice will be your Student Services and Internship Coordinator on-site and will assist you in achieving your educational and professional goals abroad.


UCD offers a number of unique and in-demand majors for students at all levels, including architecture, business, nursing, international studies, engineering, natural sciences, pre-medicine, and sports management!

Courses are arranged in the seminar and lecture style. Most courses at UCD are equivalent to 2.5 U.S. semester credits. Students take 6 courses and receive 15 credit hours per semester. Students in the business school take 5 courses, 4 of which must be Business courses + a required course in Irish History (run by the Business School). Students in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Human Sciences may take up to five Arts courses + an optional elective from any other School or College (Business, Science etc ). All the other programs – Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Sports Management, Nursing, Pre-Architecture, Pre-Law, and Pre-Medicine – permit students to take 4 courses from their chosen faculty and 2 from any other School at UCD. The tuition portion of the API program price varies based on the combination of courses chosen. Please check the ‘Dates and Fees’ link or contact the API office for further details.

Not all courses are offered every semester or every year. The course selection may vary, and no course is guaranteed. Some courses may have prerequisites. Students will pre-register for courses prior to arrival. API recommends that after consulting the API website for course listings, students have 10 courses approved by their home university prior to departure, in order to allow for scheduling conflicts and the possible unavailability of certain classes. There is a 1-week add/drop period at the beginning of the semester at UCD.


Please pay attention to prerequisites and restrictions.

Students who are interested in taking courses in the schools of Agriculture, Architecture, Nursing, Science, Pre-Med, or the College of Engineering, will be subject to additional fees.

Contact the API office if you have any questions on available courses.


Offered for fall and academic year students, this unique program allows participants to participate in an ongoing dig in Glendalough, Ireland prior to beginning their studies at UCD . Students can earn 5 U.S. credits for participating in this module. For more information about this option, contact the API office.

Please be aware that this option will have different dates and require additional fees in order to participate.


The UCD College of Engineering & Architecture is offering Study Abroad Engineering Students the opportunity to extend an academic semester of study to include a research or industry placement during the summer. Spring students can be accommodated in a 4-16 week unpaid placement on the basis that they will or have spent an academic semester of study at the UCD College of Engineering & Architecture. While placements cannot be guaranteed, a dedicated Study Abroad Officer will work with the student from the outset to secure their summer placement as early as possible. There is no additional fee for this placement opportunity, though there may be additional fees to extend housing and insurance. Students will be responsible for arranging and financing their own housing to cover the additional time spent in Dublin for the internship. Contact the API Dublin Program Manager for more information on this opportunity.


UCD has developed a series of programs for study abroad students focused on specific professional disciplines.

These include the following:

  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary

For more information about these professional program options, contact the API office.


UCD awards credit based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Semester courses at the university are usually awarded 5 or 10 ECTS credits. Universities in the U.S. typically award .5 credit hour for every 1 ECTS credit. For example, a course worth 5 ECTS would transfer to the U.S. as 2.5 semester credit hours. It is very important that students planning on studying at UCD discuss the transfer of credits with an advisor at their home university – some universities have different standards for transferring ECTS credits. Based on the ECTS credits awarded per course, students usually take 5-6 classes in order to receive 12-15 credit hours per semester. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are enrolled in the required amount of semester credits to meet the requirements of the home university. In all faculties, entrance to specific courses is subject to the approval of UCD and the completion of certain prerequisites. Courses offered on a year-long basis can only be taken by students visiting for the full academic year.

UCD Semester Courses

UCD Semester Course Link

UCD Semester Courses

UCD Semester Course Link

UCD Semester Courses

UCD Semester Course Link

  • Courses in English with Irish, international, and American students
  • Unique course offerings
  • AACSB and EQUIS accredited business school
  • ABET accredited engineering school
  • Engineering internship placements (spring semester only)
  • Scholarship opportunities for students taking science courses (up to $450 per semester)
  • International excursion

UCD single-semester students stay on the UCD campus, ideally located and a five-minute walk to class. The three-story apartment buildings are formed into a number of blocks over-looking large grassed areas. Students can enjoy the privacy of their own room with shared bathroom and communal area for cooking and socializing. All utilities are included, with wifi available across the entire campus. There is 24/7 security and support for any issues you may experience. The accommodation also offers a social space for the entire complex, equipped with vending machines, pool table, Xbox and Netflix, and students can also make full use of the campus fitness center, swimming pool, cinema, restaurants, cafes, and health center.

UCD Housing - 1
UCD Housing - 2
UCD Housing - 3
UCD Housing - 4

The prices indicated per session are the standard price. If students wish to take any science classes, they will incur an additional fee of $1,150 per semester.

Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Spring Jan 13, 2020 - May 17, 2020 $21,180 Oct 15, 2019 Nov 10, 2019
Spring Jan 13, 2019 - May 19, 2019 $20,680 Oct 15, 2018 Nov 10, 2018
Fall Aug 31, 2019 - Dec 21, 2019 $20,680 Apr 30, 2019 May 30, 2019
Academic Year Aug 31, 2019 - May 17, 2020 $39,980 Apr 30, 2019 May 30, 2019