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Courses typically run from September through May, or September through September. Students typically attend for 1-2 years at a time – not on a semester basis. The following page details areas in which graduate studies and degrees are available.

Graduate programs are available in the Kemmy Business School, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

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Application Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.0 G.P.A., or what is deemed equivalent by the University of Limerick
  • Registration for Masters-level work; students may transfer to a Ph.D. program if sufficient research progress is made during the first year of Master’s courses
  • Completed API application
  • One official transcript
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Program of study statement
  • Entry Requirements: Valid passport with supporting documents
  • Deadlines may vary depending on the closing date for each individual graduate program
Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Academic Year Sep, 2021 - May, 2022 $37,370 May 15, 2021 May 30, 2021

Contact the API office regarding any missing price information.

API students participate excursions designed to help familiarize them with the culture and surrounding areas of their host city and country. The following is a listing of potential excursions for API Limerick programs. API may need to modify the excursions offered in a given term due to travel restrictions or health and safety concerns.

  • Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

    Built in 1425, the Bunratty Castle and the surrounding Folk Park grounds shine a light on the daily lives of its 15th- and 16th-century inhabitants. In the 1640s the castle and grounds were abandoned and left to ruin for centuries. However, in the 1950s the process of restoring it to its former grandeur began. Open to the public, it is a labyrinth of staircases and rooms that one can wander and explore while imagining a life long ago. Bunratty Folk Park recreates rural and urban life in 19th-century Victorian Ireland. There is an extensive array of vernacular buildings; indicative of all of the social strata from the poorest one roomed dwelling to Bunratty House, a fine example of a Georgian residence for the gentry.

  • Galway

    Galway is a charming coastal city on the west coast of Ireland. County Galway is Ireland’s largest Gaelic-speaking area in the country, and even today the mother tongue of much of the population is the native Irish language. The countryside surrounding Galway seems not to have changed in 150 years. Fields that were abandoned during the potato famine of the mid-1800s still lie untouched, and one sees the low stone walls and rolling hillsides that characterize Ireland. In the midst of the history and tradition of the countryside lies the bustling city of Galway. Students find plenty of diversion in the city labeled the “Cultural Capital of Ireland.” Students may also visit the 13th century Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, where Christopher Columbus is said to have prayed before undertaking his journey to the New World.

  • Blarney Castle

    Built in 1446, Blarney Castle is now the most popular tourist attraction in all of Ireland. The site is renowned for its mystical powers and legend has it that eloquence is bestowed upon anyone who kisses the Blarney stone.

  • Cork

    This lively city on the beautiful south coast of Ireland is the country’s second largest city. Cork is known for its great contributions to architecture, design, music, dance, theater, film, food, literature, and sports.

  • Ring of Kerry

    The Ring of Kerry is a tourist trail and part of the mystical & unspoilt region of Ireland that has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. Its spectacular beauty is beyond question and it is a natural centre for outdoor pursuits that include golf, water sports, cycling, walking, running, riding and the very best fishing in freshwater rivers. Above all, the Ring of Kerry provides an amazing insight into the ancient heritage of Ireland and takes in some of the most spectacular landscapes of Ireland’s Southwest.

    There is a huge variety in the excursion including incredible scenery, historical and archaeological sites of national importance, Ceilí dancing, traditional music, Gaelic football, meeting local people, visiting a Gaelic speaking area and learning about local traditions & the way of life. Students get to experience life in Kerry and visit places most tourists never see. It’s always great fun or ‘great craic’ – an experience not to be missed!

  • The Aran Islands & Cliffs of Moher

    On the very edge of Europe is a group of three islands, rich in the language, culture and heritage of Ireland, unique in its geology and archaeology and in their long tradition of gentle hospitality. Here is a place to sense the spirit of Gaelic Ireland. Aran takes you back to an Ireland of Celts and Early Christians. It is a timeless land in an endless sea, weathered monuments on awesome cliffs, great labyrinths of limestone, meandering walls, patchwork fields, quiet beaches and welcoming island people.

    Students will also have the opportunity to visit the Cliffs of Moher, an iconic stop for anyone along the Irish coastline.

What You’ll Study

Courses typically run from September through May, or September through September. Students typically attend for 1-2 years at a time – not on a semester basis. The following page details areas in which graduate studies and degrees are available.

Graduate programs are available in the Kemmy Business School, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

For specific program requirements, course and pricing information, please contact the API office.


Students receive their parchment (diploma) and a transcript from the University of Limerick upon completion of their program.

  • Madden Nikki

    Nikki Madden

    Nikki Madden will be your Resident Director and a resource for you while you are in Ireland!

  • Staff Bio Pic Mogan

    Rachel Mogan

    Rachel Mogan will be your Program Manager and help prepare you to go abroad!


The following are areas in which graduate degrees are available at the University of Limerick. For specific program details, please contact the API office.


  • Business Administration – Corporate MBA (Aviation Management)
  • Business Management, MA (FT)
  • Computational Finance, MSc (FT)
  • Economic Analysis, MSc (FT)
  • Financial Services, MSc (FT)
  • Finance and Information Systems, MSc (FT)
  • Human Resource Management, MSc (FT/PT)
  • International Entrepreneurship Management, MBS (FT/PT) International Management & Global Business, MSc (FT) International Tourism, MA (FT/PT)
  • Marketing, Consumption & Society, MSc (FT)
  • Project Management, MSc (FT)
  • Risk Management and Insurance, MSc (FT)
  • Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship Management (FT) Taxation, (FT)
  • Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc (FT/PT)


  • Classical String Performance (FT), MA
  • Community Music (FT), MA
  • Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (FT/PT), MA Dance Performance (FT), MA
  • Development (FT/PT), Grad Dip/MA English, MA (FT) English Language Teaching (FT), MA
  • Ethnochoreology (FT), MA
  • Ethnomusicology (FT), MA
  • European and Comparative Law (FT/PT), LLM
  • European Politics & Governance (FT), MA
  • French (FT), MA
  • Gender, Culture & Society (FT/PT), MA History (FT), MA History of Art and Architecture (FT), MA
  • History of the Family (FT/PT), MA
  • History of the Family (Online) (FT/PT), MA
  • Human Rights in Criminal Justice (FT), LLM/MA International Commercial Law (FT/PT), LLM
  • International Studies (FT), MA
  • Irish German Studies (FT), MA
  • Irish Traditional Music Performance (FT), MA
  • Journalism (FT/PT), Grad Dip/MA
  • Law (FT), LLB (Graduate Entry)
  • Law (General) (FT/PT), LLM
  • Music Therapy (FT), MA
  • Peace and Development Studies (FT), MA
  • Politics (FT), MA Public Administration (FT/PT),
  • Grad Dip/MA
  • Ritual Chant and Song (FT), MA
  • Sociology (Applied Social Research) (FT/PT), MA
  • Sociology (Youth, Community & Social Regeneration) (FT/PT), MA
  • Technical Communication and E-Learning, (FT/PT), MA


  • Business Professional Diploma (FT) Ed
  • Clinical Psychology DclinPsych (FT)
  • Clinical Therapies Grad Dip (FT/PT)
  • Languages, Professional Diploma Ed (FT)
  • Mathematics Teaching, Professional Diploma Ed (FT) Medicine – Graduate Entry, BM, BS (FT)
  • Midwifery Studies Grad Dip MSc, (FT)
  • Music MEd (FT)
  • Music Professional Diploma Ed (FT)
  • Nursing (Adult Nursing) Grad Dip Msc (FT)
  • Nursing (Adult Respiratory Care) Grad Dip Msc (FT) Nursing (Intellectual Disability Studies)Grad Dip MSc (FT)
  • Nursing (Palliative Care) Grad Dip, MSc (FT)
  • Nursing (Peri-operative Care) Grad Dip MSc (FT)
  • Nursing (Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Care) Grad Dip, Msc (FT)
  • Nursing (Rehabilitation of the Older Person) Grad Dip, MSc (FT)
  • Nursing/Midwifery, Grad Dip, MSc (FT)
  • Occupational Therapy, MSc (FT)
  • Physical Education Professional Diploma Ed (FT) Psychology MA (FT)
  • Psychological Science (MSc) (FT)
  • Psychological Science in Social Psychology, (MSc), (FT) Speech and Language Therapy MSc (FT)
  • Sports Performance MSc (FT/PT)
  • Technology, Professional Diploma Ed (FT)


  • Advanced Materials Grad Dip, MSc(FT)
  • Aeronautical Engineering MEng, (FT)
  • Applied Physics MSc (FT)
  • Biomedical Engineering MSc(FT)
  • Chemical Engineering Grad Dip (FT)
  • Computer Aided Engineering Product Design Grad Dip, MTech (FT)
  • Computer Aided Enterprise Performance Modelling Grad Dip, MTech (FT/PT)
  • Computer and Communications Systems MEng (FT/PT)
  • Computer Engineering Grad Dip, MEng (FT)
  • Computing Grad Dip (FT)
  • Health Informatics MSc (FT)
  • Information and Network Security MEng (FT)
  • Interactive Media MA, MSc (FT)
  • Mathematical Modelling MSc (FT)
  • Mechanical Engineering MEng (FT)
  • Multilingual Computing and Localisation MSc (FT/PT)
  • Music Technology MSc, MA (FT)
  • Quality Management Grad Dip MSc (FT)
  • Software Engineering MSc (FT/PT)
  • Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship Management MSc (FT)
  • Sustainable Resource Management: Policy & Practice (MSc) VLSI Systems MEng (FT/PT)


  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Music)
  • MA Classical Strings Performance
  • MA Community Music
  • MA Dance Performance: Contemporary Dance
  • MA Dance Performance: Irish Traditional Dance
  • MA Ethnochoreology
  • MA Ethnomusicology
  • MA Irish Traditional Music Performance
  • MA Education (Music)
  • MA Music Therapy
  • MA Ritual Chant and Song

UL Graduate Course Link

Language of Instruction: English   

UL Graduate Courses

  • Housing: on campus in student apartments (between term housing is included for academic year students)

API students live in university-owned student apartments located a short distance from the University of Limerick campus. Apartments generally consist of 6 single bedrooms, a shared living area, and a shared kitchen. Each room has a private bathroom, and standard apartments are non-smoking. During the semester, API students may be housed with Irish and other international students, while summer students live alongside American and other international students. It is common for apartments to be co-ed.

Meals are not included in the semester/academic year Limerick housing.

Housing for academic year students is included in the period between the fall and spring semesters.

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