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Students who choose to study abroad in Lisbon with API will learn about Portugal’s many major contributions to world history and have the opportunity to brush up on their Portuguese language skills in one of Europe’s up-and-coming “hot” destinations.

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Application Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Open to all levels of Portuguese speakers
  • Completed API application
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Official transcript
  • Statement of purpose
  • Supplemental application requirements are solicited upon receipt of API application
  • Entry requirements: valid passport with student visa
  • University Approval Form

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 4 semester credits

Students who choose to study abroad in Lisbon with API will learn about Portugal’s many major contributions to world history and have the opportunity to brush up on their Portuguese language skills in one of Europe’s up-and-coming “hot” destinations.


API students receive their transcript from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) upon completion of their program.




NOVA operates on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). It is generally accepted that in order to convert from ECTS to U.S. credits, one should divide the ECTS total by 2, whereby most courses are worth 3 U.S. credits.

Portuguese Language - Level A1

The aims of this course are as follows:

  • Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases in order to satisfy concrete needs.
  • Introduce oneself and others and be able to ask and answer questions about personal details such as, for example, where you live, people you know and things you have.
  • Communicate in a simple way if the other person talks slowly and clearly and if he is prepared to help.
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Portuguese Language - Level A2

The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to immediate priority areas (e.g., personal and family information, shopping, local geography).
  • Communicate to perform simple and routine tasks requiring a basic and direct exchange of information on familiar topics.
  • Describe, in simple terms, one’s background, environment and matters related to areas of immediate need.
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Portuguese Language - Level B1

Course objectives:

  • Speak and understand the main points of a conversation on familiar matters;
  • Write simple connected texts and understand the main points of a text dealing with familiar topics;
  • Deal with a variety of everyday communicative and work-related situations and work-related, interacting with native or non-native users.
  • Describe experiences and events, and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
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Portuguese Language - Level B2

The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Compreender as ideias principais em textos complexos sobre diversos assuntos, incluindo discussões técnicas na sua área de especialidade.
  • Comunicar com um certo grau de espontaneidade e de à-vontade com falantes nativos do português, sem tensão de parte a parte.
  • Exprimir-se de modo claro e pormenorizado sobre uma grande variedade de temas e explicar um ponto de vista sobre um tema da atualidade, expondo as vantagens e os inconvenientes das várias possibilidades.
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Portuguese Language - Level C1

The course objectives are as follows:

  • Compreender um vasto número de textos longos e exigentes, reconhecendo os seus significados implícitos.
  • Exprimir-se de forma fluente e espontânea sem precisar de procurar muito as palavras.
  • Usar a língua de modo flexível e eficaz para fins sociais, académicos e profissionais.
  • Exprimir-se sobre temas complexos, de forma clara e bem estruturada, manifestando o domínio de mecanismos de organização, de articulação e de coesão do discurso.
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  • Classes taught in Portuguese


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    Carlos Loureiro

    Carlos Loureiro will be your Resident Director and a resource for you on-site.

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    Ryan McCann

    Ryan McCann will be your Program Coordinator and prepare you to go abroad with us!

    Email - ryan.mccann@apiabroad.com

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Lisbon programs. All excursions are subject to change.

  • Lagos

    Set on one of the largest bays in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal, Lagos is an eye-catching and bustling town conquered by the Arabs on the 8th century leaving behind fortifications that we still can see nowadays. The Portuguese discoveries of the 15th century initiated by Henry the Navigator turned Lagos into an important Naval center. At the same time, a most deplorable period of history began, with the first slaves brought back from the Sahara in 1441 by Henry’s explorer Nuno Tristão. The city was the capital of the Algarve from 1576 to 1756.

  • Sintra

    Following a short train ride from Rossio Station in Lisbon, tour the magnificent National Palace of Sintra, the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal. Students will tour the manor house and gardens of the romantic nineteenth-century Quinta da Regaleira estate, followed by lunch in the unique ambiance of Sintra’s restaurants (with traditional regional pastries). An afternoon walk around the Castle of the Moors, on the heights above town with excellent views of the coast, completes this trip.

API students in Lisbon live in furnished student apartments with other API participants and/or international students. All accommodations are within a 20-minute commute from the university via public transportation. Most apartments have single rooms, and a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living areas.

Students are responsible for providing their own meals as these are not included in the program fee.

Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Summer Jun 28, 2019 - Jul 27, 2019 $3,980 Apr 1, 2019 Apr 15, 2019