API offers programs in two culturally and historically rich Scottish cities – Edinburgh and Stirling. Edinburgh serves as Scotland’s contemporary capital and is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. Stirling is an ancient capital of Scotland and offers students the opportunity to live in a true university town, mid-way between the major centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh. A wide variety of courses are available to students during the semester, summer, and year. Experience all that these cities have to offer and study abroad in Scotland with API!

Scotland has seen many centuries of high-quality learning and is recognized as being one of the most inventive nations on Earth. Scottish breakthroughs include the first ever cloned mammal (Dolly the sheep) to the telephone, television, and penicillin. So if you want to learn in the home of some of the most inspiring and enquiring minds, then Scotland is the place for you. Scotland is friendly and safe and combines a strong sense of its own identity with a multicultural community spirit. Dotted amongst spectacular landscape are lively cosmopolitan cities with vivid and varied art, sports and social scene.