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Students who want to study abroad in Madrid for the January term may do so with API at Antonio de Nebrija University. This is intensive four-week Spanish language immersion course offering 6 credits upon completion. Students will take one course on language for two weeks, and one cultural course for two weeks.

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Application Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Open to all levels of Spanish speakers
  • Completed API application
  • University contact information form
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Official transcript
  • Additional supplemental materials
  • Entry requirements: valid passport

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 6 semester credits

Students who want to study abroad in Madrid for the January term may do so with API at Antonio de Nebrija University. This is intensive four-week Spanish language immersion course offering 6 credits upon completion. Students will take one course on language for two weeks, and one cultural course for two weeks.


API students will receive a transcript from Universidad Nebrija upon completion of their program.




Universidad Nebrija operates on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). It is generally accepted that in order to convert from ECTS to U.S. credits, one should divide the ECTS total by 2, whereby most courses are worth 3 U.S. credits.

CH 1601 Spanish Language (Beginners)

This course presents a study of basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary from a functional and communicative approach. Students will develop oral and written comprehension and expression, with an emphasis on linguistic practice, in order to acquire basic control of the language in simple contexts and familiar communication that allows them closer contact to the Spanish way of life.

CH 1611 Spanish Language and Conversation (Beginners)

This course offers a practice of basic Spanish concepts with an emphasis placed on spoken language in order to acquire more security and confidence when managing basic Spanish. Also students begin to have contact with Spain and the everyday life of the Spanish.

CH 2601 Spanish Language (Low Intermediate)

This course presents a study and practice of linguistic functions, as well as the basic grammar content and necessary vocabulary in order to be capable of communicating various real-world, common situations in Spanish.

CH 1651 Conversation and Culture (Low Intermediate)

This course features oral practice applying contents that are being learned in the language course. It offers an introduction to modern Spanish customs and traditions of everyday life, and a presentation of Spain and the day to day life of Spaniards.

CH 2611 Spanish Language (Intermediate)

This course aims to help students achieve more confidence in the use of the language and control of complex grammatical aspects. Special emphasis is put on the use and practice of learned grammatical structures.

CH 2651 Conversation and Culture (Intermediate)

In this course specific concentration will be placed on oral practice, although all four linguistic skills will be practiced. Students will study general aspects of Spanish culture, keeping in mind geographical and cultural diversity, as well as Spanish current events.

CH 3601 Spanish Language (High Intermediate)

This course focuses on strengthening comprehension and oral and written expression at a high-intermediate level of Spanish. It will offer a reflexive study and practice of grammar structures, as well as provide a general review of the morphosyntax of the Spanish language from a functional perspective.

CH 3641 Spanish Culture (High Intermediate)

Approaching modern Spanish society through commentaries and debates, this class demands students read different texts, as well as linguistic correctness both in oral and written expression.

CH 4601 Spanish Language (Advanced)

In this course students will focus on the study and practice of different aspects of the spoken and written language from the point of view of its use. The course will provide an analysis of different registers in the practice of the language. Students will study the specific grammar problems in order to correct written and spoken Spanish.

CH 4101 Advanced Spanish Language II (Advanced)

Students in this course will review the morphosyntax of the Spanish language. Specific problems with grammatical structures at advanced levels, as well as expressions and idioms, will be covered.

CH 4011 Advanced Spanish Language (Proficiency)

The objective of this course is an in-depth study focused on the lexical and formal command of the language. By learning the dialects, registers and standard varieties, students will become self-sufficient speakers, with the knowledge and precision of an educated native speaker. They will be capable of understanding any spoken or written form of the language, as much in spoken conversations or speeches as abstract or literary texts. Additionally, they will be able to perceive and transmit subtly, precisely and coherently in the target language, all while maintaining the appropriate style given a particular context or format.

CH 4641 Spanish Culture

This course presents a study of the major historical events of Spain as well as the most prominent artistic expressions.

  • Classes taught in Spanish
  • Jan-term program
  • Combine multiple intensive months in other API locations and/or an API internship program to create a custom quarter program


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    Maria Angeles Garcia

    Maria will be one of your Resident Directors in Madrid and will be a resource for you while in Spain!

  • 2Lhaeiatbit1Dpf7Ukq5

    Quique Blanco Lopez

    Quique will be one of your Resident Directors in Madrid and will be a resource for you while you are in Spain!

  • Nd2D68Oszuke9Rutdbli

    Ryan McCann

    Ryan McCann will be your Program Coordinator and prepare you to go abroad with us!

    Email -

API students participate in several excursions per session designed to help familiarize them with areas of their host city, country, and surrounding region. The following is a listing of all excursions for API Madrid programs. All excursions are subject to change.

  • Granada

    Granada is one of the most enchanting cities in Spain. With more than a thousand years of recorded history, Granada enjoys one of Spain’s most important cultural and architectural patrimonies. Important sites in Granada include the Alhambra and the historical Moorish Albaicín quarter, both designated as World Heritage sites by the UNESCO.

API students in Madrid may choose from three different housing options: a host family, in a residencia, or in an apartment.

Students who choose to live with families share a double room with a fellow API student and are provided with two meals per day and laundry service. Families provide an amazing opportunity to experience Spanish culture firsthand. Host families serve as a unique introduction into Spanish culture and may be made up of a married couple with children, a divorced or widowed woman with children still at home, or a family with some members living at home and others living outside the home. Students can opt for a single room for an additional fee.

Students in Madrid may also choose to live in a residencia. Residencias are smaller than American dorms and house between 15-90 students. The rooms are double-occupancy, and there are common bathrooms with showers. Three meals per day, laundry service, and cleaning are provided.

Students may also choose to live in apartments located throughout Madrid. Students generally share their apartment complex with other Spanish families, as opposed to other students. Apartments may be co-ed, and the number of students sharing the apartment varies based on the apartment size. Students may have single or double rooms depending on the number of bedrooms. Meals are not included in this option.

Single rooms are available in all three housing options for an additional fee.

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Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Jan-Term Jan, 2020 - Feb, 2020 $4,380 Oct 15, 2019 Nov 1, 2019
Jan-Term Jan 4, 2019 - Feb 2, 2019 $4,380 Oct 15, 2018 Nov 1, 2018