API offers the opportunity for full immersion into the Thai culture, teaching English to primary and secondary students in public or private schools. While teaching in Thailand is not a totally new idea, this program has redirected its focus to providing populations in smaller cities/towns across the country the opportunity to learn English from native/near-native English speakers in the classroom. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to have avoided European colonization. This independence remains ingrained in the culture, and even in the name of the country - Muang Thai - which translates as "Land of the Free."

Today, Thailand has maintained one of the world's fastest-growing economies through increased trade and tourism with Asia and the West. The geography is diverse, ranging from on-going coastlines in the south, to rugged mountains in the north, to plateau in the center and northeast. The populations in each region reflect the geography, as you'll find strong presence of traditional vocations such as fishermen, rice farmers, and hill tribe peoples. Come teach abroad in Thailand with API and experience this amazing country for yourself!