API offers the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Ecuador on a variety of projects in education, women/children, social services, health/medical, eco/environment, construction, and wildlife conservation.

A stable and peaceful destination within Latin America, Ecuador is recognized throughout the world for its biodiversity. Named for the equator that runs through the country, it is divided into four regions: la costa (the coast), la sierra (or mountains), el oriente (meaning east and referring to the Amazon rainforest), and the Galápagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands is the site of Darwin’s study of the diversity of species and the nature of evolution. Students will love exploring the beauty of Ecuador, while enjoying local culinary delicacies like ceviche (fish or shrimp “cooked” in lemon), locro (corn), llapingachos (potato cheese pancakes) and chugchucara (pork, hominy, potatoes, plantains and popcorn).

"Hands that give also receive." - Ecuadorian Proverb