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Vinh City, 15 miles from some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, is the biggest city and economic and cultural center of the North Central Coast of Vietnam. Although it receives few foreign guests, Vinh city and the Nghe An Province are rapidly growing tourist destinations on the North Central Coast of Vietnam, and are home to various attractions such as the Hong Son Temple and Quyet Mountain. Hong Son Temple is one of the few large temples in the region and Quyet Mountain is used as a peaceful retreat from the city, with visitors climbing four hundred steps to the summit. From the summit, the whole of Vinh may be seen, along with the river and farmland surrounding it.

Vinh locals are remarkably warm and hospitable and often go at length to make visitors feel welcome. Children and adults alike are always enthusiastic and cheerful when meeting foreigners. Vinh and Nghe An locals maintain very strong cultural traditions that are a part of their provincial and national identity. Come teach abroad in Vinh City, Vietnam with API!

“A day of traveling will bring a basketful of learning."

Vietnamese Proverb

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