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APIConnect is a data-driven, experiential education platform developed to help colleges, universities and students create and find learning experiences customized to meet their needs. APIConnect offers a vast library of destinations, accredited courses, internships, and original programming geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

Connecting Students to the Future

APIConnect offers a vast library of destinations, accredited courses, internships, and original programming geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

API Connect:

Membership is Meaningful.


What is APIConnect and how does it help members?

As a member of APIConnect, you will gain free access to our technology, API’s programming expertise, a vast library of destinations, transparency into every phase of your students’ program process and the data and analytics you need to drive informed program decisions. Membership also includes student scholarships to help make programming accessible to as many students as possible.

With Membership, API becomes an extension of your team. We’ll advise students, provide regular programming updates, and offer expert marketing services to help promote programs to your student body. Let us take the burden off your team!

Benefits to College and University Members

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Track Student Interest

Easily add prospective students to the platform to keep them informed about programs that might interest them. Opt into alerts when a student applies.

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Easily Manage Your Enrollment Funnel

Review all program elements from one place. Clearly understand and convey a student’s options, and students’ interest and engagement with a program. Review dashboards that show where students are in each phase of the enrollment process, whether they are applying, enrolled or on-program. 

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Attract More Students

Gain access to API’s  team of professionals who are highly experienced in attracting students to virtual, study and intern abroad programs. They will act as an extension of your team to ensure the success of your programs. 

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Leverage a Multitude of App-Based Solutions

From in-depth, industry-specific research to scholarship details, funnel analytics and more, APIConnect’s apps deliver unprecedented knowledge, insight and information. Learn more about one of our apps, the Learning Experience app, below!

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Augment Your Team

API will provide extensive services to assist the study abroad and career offices in advising students. API will provide regular programming updates and supplemental advising tools to equip your office with a better understanding of API’s programs and services. Plus, your team will enjoy the benefits of our team of marketers who will work to attract new interest to your programs.

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Offer Student Scholarships

Increase the accessibility of your programs to more students through API’s scholarship program. 

APIConnect for students

Revolutionize your experiential learning journey from program search to on-site experience to career readiness.

Advanced Experience Selection

Guided program selection based on major, area of interest, required classes, location, and, most importantly , that help map to the skills.

The Classes You Need to Graduate

View and select classes through access to a library of thousands of in-person and virtual classes.

Fly with Fare Finder

Choose from a wide variety of discounted airfare rates from major airlines for your education- related travel.

Personalization and Choice

View, select, and personalize your housing and excursions before you apply and with pricing transparency.

API Scholarships

Thanks to our Members and the API Foundation, API provides millions of dollars in scholarships every year.


Career Readiness

Identify and map skills to career paths, practice interview skills, reflect on skills  learned, and validate career readiness with Career Creds.

Feature: APIConnect’s Learning Experience App

At API, we’re committed to designing and delivering meningful learning experiences through intentional curriculum development and expert instructional design. Review the videos below to understand what your students will see when navigating through the APIConnect Learning Experience app. 


Become a Member

Find out more about becoming an APIConnect Member and learn how we can help you build your perfect programs.