Study Abroad

Attend prestigious universities across the globe, complete courses in virtually any area of study, and immerse yourself in another country’s language, lifestyle and culture. 

Why Studying Abroad Pays Off

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Invest in Your Future

Expand your understanding of the world and build skills and experiences that employers value. Differentiate your resume from peers, expand your employment options, improve your odds of getting hired faster and your chances of a higher starting salary.

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Learn a Language

Learn a new language or improve your language skills by living in and navigating a new country, or through robust dialogue in an integrated classroom with other students. API’s resident directors further support you through conversation practice and tutoring. The ability to speak more than one language opens employment doors, as potential employers value multilingualism and the ability to communicate with individuals of different cultural and language backgrounds.


Build Confidence & Independence

Feel empowered to explore your new host country and visit nearby cities and towns, all while receiving the support of API resident directors to assist with any need that arises. Your newfound confidence will be easily recognizable by future employers and will help you have stronger interviews.

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Change the World

Engage directly with the global community, shifting your world view and forming new, global connections that break down barriers and foster understanding. What's more, you'll learn skills that have real-world application, such as the value of teamwork and the true impact that goodwill and coordination can have on a local community. These skills and competencies will be valued and appreciated by future employers, graduate schools and beyond. 

Fare Finder™

If you’re looking to book travel for an academic experience, you are likely searching for the most affordable deal. In an effort to reduce financial barriers and increase access, we are offering the Fare Finder™ app right inside of APIConnect to provide access to discounted airfare for academic travel. With Fare Finder, we’re making educational travel simpler and more accessible than ever before. .

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Answers to Your Most Common Questions

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How do I decide where to go?

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There’s no one way to decide, and no decision is wrong. You might start by determining what you want to study and then where and when those courses are offered. Want more specific help? Contact us and we’ll help you hone in on exactly what you need!


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What are your policies around diversity, equity and inclusion?

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We are wholly committed to ensuring that everyone in our program has an positive and enriching experience Our Student Success team will work with you to to ensure all of your needs are met. It’s a critical part of who we are as a company Learn more about our DEI policies below.


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Will I get course credit?

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Our programs offer course credit, service hours, work experience, or all three. Our Enrollment Management team can help you plan your program to ensure your work is accepted by your home university.


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Can I afford it?

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Affordability is one of our students’ and parents’ top concerns. But not to worry – there are a surprising number of low-cost options, as well as financial assistance programs and budgeting options. You can learn more about those using the link below, or contact us.


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Is studying or interning abroad safe?

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In a word, yes. In concert with API’s Student Success team, our international personnel work to ensure that the best practices in risk management are employed around the world. Read more about our health and safety measures, insurance, emergency management and more by clicking the link below.



How do I apply?

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That’s the easy part! Just click the link below and we’ll walk you through the steps from there!


Not ready to apply? That’s OK, contact us to learn more and we can help you decide!


“Seriously… BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! API’s Study Abroad program in Florence, Italy is something that will resonate with me forever. The staff was overwhelmingly kind, welcoming, and they truly made us feel at home while abroad. API was so helpful from the minute I decided to study abroad, and kept that communication throughout my program, and even after I got home. Studying abroad can be intimidating, but it was comforting to know API was there if I needed anything. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to study abroad with API in Florence.”


~Kristie K.
API Study Abroad, Florence, Italy

What’s Included

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Personalized Application Assistance

Our Program Managers will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring the proper forms are completed, providing detailed information and instruction, and helping to make your experience a total success.

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Accredited & Relevant Course Offerings

This isn’t just travel for the sake of traveling. This is travel with a purpose. Our team can help you to select courses and programs that enhance your degree and career aspirations so you can stay on track to achieve your goals.

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Resident Directors

Our in-country resident directors are with you every step of the way, ensuring your safety, designing culturally-relevant excursions and available to help with any issues that may arise, 24×7.


Convenient, Safe & Highly-Rated Housing

The location and type of housing provided depends on your program and location, but in all cases, we work to ensure you are in safe, desirable areas that are easily accessible from your host university.

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Health & Safety

In concert with API’s Student Success team, our international personnel work to ensure that the best practices in risk management are employed around the world. Read more about our health and safety measures, insurance, emergency management and more by clicking here.


Enriching Cultural Activities & Excursions

Immerse yourself in the culture and experiences of your host country through exciting excursions and enriching cultural activities led by API resident directors and local experts, at no additional cost!

Combine your study abroad with virtual, accredited coursework for an even more robust outcome

Experience the world from anywhere in the world with API’s virtual programs. You’ll gain the flexibility to take a class in the morning and go on an excursion in the afternoon. Tackle global challenges, study a new language with native speakers, give your resume a global edge, and more! Explore our virtual programs and customize them to your schedule!

Experiencing London with API

Study abroad + internship, teaching or volunteering

API offers students the option to participate in an internship while on a semester, academic year, or summer study abroad program. In most cases, students can earn academic credit, though some opportunities are offered without credit. Most internship opportunities are included in the cost of the program, though a few are offered for an additional fee.

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Search available program option and the classes that are included. Search, sort, filter, and compare your options. 


Already know where you want to go and what you want to study? Great!

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