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API collaborates with our affiliated colleges and universities to help them deliver a wide array of experiential learning programs to their students and to create learning experiences customized to meet their needs. Through subscription to our data-driven, experiential education platform, APIConnect, our Members gain access to API’s programming expertise, a vast library of destinations, transparency into every phase of their students’ program process and the data and analytics they need to drive informed program decisions.


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What is APIConnect and how does it help members?

As a member of APIConnect, you will gain free access to our technology, API’s programming expertise, a vast library of destinations, transparency into every phase of your students’ program process and the data and analytics you need to drive informed program decisions. Membership also includes student scholarships to help make programming accessible to as many students as possible.

With Membership, API becomes an extension of your team. We’ll advise students, provide regular programming updates, and offer expert marketing services to help promote programs to your student body. Let us take the burden off your team!



Working Hand-in-Hand with

API Affiliates

By affiliating with API, your institution will instantly expand its study and intern abroad program offerings at no cost through API’s diverse and expansive portfolio. Through our close working relationship, you’ll be able to provide input and have influence over our programs, allowing you to better serve the specific needs of your particular students. As an added benefit, students from your institution will be eligible for additional scholarships. Furthermore, when you become an API affiliate, we become an extension of your team, advising students, providing marketing expertise, and supporting your needs. Let us take the burden off your team!

API Academic Oversight

API believes in the importance of providing extensive pre-departure services and support for students on-site to ensure academic success, and as such, provides all parties with extensive guidance from start to finish.

Quality Host Universities

Great care is taken when choosing locations and host universities abroad, and API strives to ensure that academic quality meets U.S. university standards without compromising the integrity of the host university’s academic system and teaching methods. All host universities selected by API are either formally recognized by the local ministry of education, which is considered to be the equivalent of the regional accreditation process in the United States, or a U.S. school of record certifies the academic rigor of the coursework and issues a transcript. Several API partner universities abroad are accredited by U.S. accrediting agencies or have been accredited by other prestigious groups such as ABET, EQUIS or AACSB.

Pre-Departure Preparations

API provides students with extensive information prior to their departure abroad, so they can  avoid some of the pitfalls of studying within a new educational system and minimize the adjustment period.

API Orientation Materials

Approximately one month prior to the program start date, students gain access to API orientation materials, which helps students to understand the university organization, including: class size, the nature of student/professor interaction, how many hours per week a student could expect to devote to their studies, what outside resources were required to complete coursework, the primary method of evaluation and assessment for grading purposes, and challenges previous students faced in their academic program abroad.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Using information provided by students, API works with our partner institutions to understand what type of accommodations can be provided to the student on-site. API will notify students as soon as possible if specific accommodations are unavailable in the selected site, and API staff will work with students to identify alternative options that can meet their individual needs.

Course Form and Pre-Registration

Starting with their acceptance into an API program, students are provided with electronic post-acceptance forms including the course form. This course form explains the general academic structure of the program, language requirements, the number of credit hours per course, and the minimum number of courses required to maintain full-time status.

Academic Orientation

Upon arrival abroad, all API students participate in an extensive orientation program, including an overview of the local education system, local classroom norms, assessment methods, and grading scales. Students are also alerted to the availability of an hour of language tutoring per week through API at no additional cost.

Registration and Adjustment Period

The most challenging period of the experience abroad can be the registration period. As students adjust to a new academic environment, they may experience confusion about local professors’ expectations for assignments. Students struggling in a given course may talk to API RD/RCs about the best ways to get extra tutoring or potentially soliciting extra assignments to try to improve their grades. In addition, API staff can also work to determine if the student can be moved to another division of the specific course, or alternatively, switch into another course altogether.

Early Notification of Any Issues

API believes early intervention when students are demonstrating poor performance can be a highly effective tool to ensure that students successfully complete a semester. In addition, API believes in the importance of conducting mid-term evaluations with our students. During these evaluations, students have the opportunity to share concerns over their performance in class, any negative or positive interactions with host professors, etc. Similarly, students experiencing difficulties with specific professors or related to a cultural difference, RD/RCs are careful to listen to the concerns of our students and provides advice or intervention, when necessary. 


Maximize Learning Opportunities

To supplement learning in the classroom, further encourage language immersion, and increase cultural awareness, API students are encouraged to take advantage of API-designed cultural activities and events, as well as integrated university activities.

Assistance with Any Personal Emergencies

If a student must temporarily or permanently leave an API program due to a personal or family emergency, API RD/RCs help inform professors of impending absences, arrange for work to be completed from the U.S. or complete exams early. 

Post-Program Support

In the majority of sites, API RD/RCs still personally collect transcripts from the local host university. If a student confirms any mistakes, RD/RCs will work to correct the transcript with the host university, before an erroneous transcript is mailed to the student’s home university.

Customize with API:

Our Expertise,

Your Design

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Reduce Risk

API specializes in minimizing risk through careful pre-departure preparation. Once abroad, experienced on-site Resident Directors are available 24/7, and are extensively trained and ready to enact emergency action plans as necessary. RDs also provide ongoing support to individual students and faculty, and provide valuable local expertise that can facilitate a safe and well-executed program. Comprehensive insurance protection, including emergency evacuation, ensures that additional professional support is also readily available.

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Implement with Ease

API will take care of all the administrative details for your program. Benefit from the expertise of our on-site directors and partner organizations to minimize the logistical coordination handled by your institution. 

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Design to Your Specifications

Select from API’s many program destinations spanning four continents. We can provide a wide range of services, activities, and educational opportunities to align your program with your student learning goals. And do it all with the comfort of knowing that API excels at designing and operating QUIP certified customized programs abroad.

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Extend Your Team

API is here to help you advise your students, market your programs, manage the operational aspects of your programs and make recommendations for future programs. We will act as expert additions to your team!


Let’s Build Your Program!

Whether you know exactly what you want or need help with the details, we’re here to help you get your program off the ground.

API’s Cohort-Building Initiatives

API’s Cohort-Building Initiatives (CBI) are a valuable tool to help colleges and universities exponentially expand both the number and types of students who have access to global learning through thoughtfully integrated programs. We work with study abroad offices, deans, enrollment offices, career advisors and beyond to identify opportunities around the world, share strategies for overcoming barriers to participation, and then launch customized, transformative experiences.


API’S Exclusive

Digital Badges

API’s Digital Badges offer a guided pathway for learners to achieve career readiness skills, that can then be displayed on LinkedIn, e-portfolio, personal websites, and more. API currently offers students 10 badges comprised of over 200 curricular activities.

Case Study

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Learn How UNC Chapel Hill is Delivering on its Global Guarantee

Carolina Global Launch

Learn how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill partnered with API to develop a global and sustainable first-year experience that exceeded enrollment targets and built close student cohorts.

“The most rewarding part of the CGL program is the paradigm shift experienced by our students while studying abroad. We can see students gaining that global perspective, growing as individuals, and sharing what they learned with our campus community back in Chapel Hill.” 

– Jason Kinnear, Associate Dean of Study Abroad & Exchanges, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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