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We want your API program to be the source of enriching, exciting experiences, not one that stresses you out with worries about debt. Understanding your financial aid and scholarship options, as well as what costs may be covered by your home institution are all parts of the process.


Understand Your Financial Aid Options

Transfer Credit


API offers a number of scholarships, and has also has assembled a list of other potential scholarship options from 3rd party sources. Check them out on our scholarships page.




Contact your school’s Financial Aid Office

Upon acceptance into your API program, inform them of your study or intern plans and find out their requirements for using your financial aid to pay API. Some universities require that API fill out a Consortium Agreement. If necessary, provide this to API as soon as possible.


Complete the FAVF form

The Financial Aid Verification Form (FAVF) can be found in your APIConnect account or open the document attached to your API acceptance billing statement. Complete the form with the guidance of your financial aid advisor.


Submit the form  

Submit the FAFV when completed or email it to [email protected] before your final payment deadline. If your aid won’t be awarded or can’t be finalized by your final payment due date, you should attempt to complete a preliminary version of the FAVF. Based on this estimated aid information, API can estimate what amount of aid you will receive, and therefore what portion of your API program cost will not be covered by aid. The amount not covered is due by the final payment due date.

If you can’t get a preliminary FAVF completed and returned to API by your final payment due date, you must sign up for API’s extension plan, Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA). You will then have until 30 days prior to your program start date to send payment in full and/or a finalized FAVF. Access the APA form on your APIConnect account or open the document attached to the email with your API acceptance billing statement.


Submit payment

Pay for any amount not covered by aid and any additional fees on or before your final payment due date. The $400 confirmation payment due date cannot be deferred.


Send financial aid funds to API

Since, most often, financial aid isn’t released until after your program start date, you’ll want to ensure that these arrangements are made before you go abroad. Some schools will send the funds to API directly. If this isn’t an option, there are still other possibilities. You can set up an automatic billpay through your bank, authorize an electronic bank draft through API Financial Services, or have a responsible 3rd party, such as a parent, added as a signatory to your bank account, so that they’re able to cash and write checks on your behalf.

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