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API was founded by moms who wanted programs that ensured student safety, value for the money, and that put an emphasis on learning. Today, those are still among the top priorities parents and guardians tell us they are concerned about when considering study abroad and internship opportunities for their young adults. That’s why API has continued to make them central to our mission! Check out our Parent and Guardian Resource Guide below for more info!

Why Studying and Interning Abroad Pays Off

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Invest in Their Future

Students who study or intern abroad expand their understanding of the world and build skills and experiences that employers value. These skills differentiate their resume from peers, expand their employment options, improve their odds of getting hired faster and increase their chances of a higher starting salary.

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Help Them Learn a Language

Students can more easily learn a new language or improve their language skills by living in and navigating a new country, or through robust dialogue in an integrated classroom with other students. API’s resident directors further support students through conversation practice and tutoring. The ability to speak more than one language opens employment doors, as potential employers value multilingualism and the ability to communicate with individuals of different cultural and language backgrounds.


They Graduate Faster

Students who study or intern abroad are more likely to complete their degree and do it faster than those who do not.


Build Their Confidence & Independence

Studying and interning abroad empowers students to explore their new host country and visit nearby cities and towns, all while receiving the support of API resident directors to assist with any need that arises. Their newfound confidence will be easily recognizable by future employers and will help them have stronger interviews.

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They Will Change the World

Students get to engage directly with the global community, shifting their world view and forming new, global connections that break down barriers and foster understanding. What’s more, thet’ll learn skills that have real-world application, such as the value of teamwork and the true impact that goodwill and coordination can have on a local community. These skills and competencies will be valued and appreciated by future employers, graduate schools and beyond. 

Delivering safe, affordable programming that puts experiential learning first.

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Learn By Doing

Since 1997, API has promoted lifelong learning through experience and is highly regarded  by college, university and business partners – in the U.S. and abroad – for our quality, culturally-inclusive programming.

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API is committed to delivering safe and high-quality programming around the world. Be assured that your participant will be well prepared for the experience prior to their arrival on-site. Once abroad, students will find safe, comfortable and well-located housing and local API staff who are ready and willing to handle any situation that may arise.


API offers the most inclusive cultural experience for the price, and in many cases, students can find programs that cost the same or less than a semester’s tuition at their home university. In addition, API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually, and offers financial planning and assistance.


API programs provide valuable, life-changing experiences that can benefit them throughout their lives. Our programs are cost effective because they include so much more than just tuition! Each program includes housing, on-site support staff, excursions, cultural experiences, and more, while providing best-in-class quality.

Real Parents. Real Words.

These remarks were made by parents whose young-adult kids studied or interned abroad on an API program.
Mother and daughter leaning on kitchen counter

I learned my daughter is stronger, braver, and more resilient than I could have imagined.

Let them go! Allow them to find their own strength, confidence and ability.

I wish all of my children had chosen to study abroad. It is something that will stay with them forever and give them the self-confidence to take on almost any challenge.

There are things a classroom cannot teach.

Life is about experience and learning about other cultures and how others look at life. This experience has changed our outlook forever.

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API’s International

Allied Universities

Curious where our students study when abroad? Check out our list of prestigious allied international universities by country.

Dublin, Ireland

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