What’s Included

More Bang for Your Buck

API prides itself on including as much as possible in our program fees to make sure that you have a full and rewarding experience abroad. Take a look at the lists of what’s included below to see a sampling of what we include with our programs. Note that not all programs will include all features and that this list may not be all-inclusive.

Pre-Departure Services


API staff members happily guide students through the administrative processes of the pre-departure phase of their study abroad or international experience. Students and their families may contact API staff as often as needed with questions about academics, on-site logistics, visa procedures, housing, classes and anything else. API staff members, in turn, are frequently in touch with students regarding program updates, and essential travel tips and recommendations for having a successful experience abroad.

Orientation and Resource Materials

All API students receive extensive information to help them prepare for their study abroad session. API students have access to orientation materials, diagnostic exams, and language reviews. Likewise, API provides students with information on logistical details, cultural differences, what students can expect at their host university or with their internship placement, health and safety concerns, travel tips, and more. Additionally, in certain locations across the U.S., API offers pre-departure orientation sessions for students and their parents on their home campus.

Tailored Placements for Interns

API works with each individual to find the best possible placement match to meet that individual’s learning objectives, personal goals, and future career interests. Depending on the destination, the applicant’s level of education, foreign language ability, and placement area competitiveness, the applicant may need to have some flexibility with the placements available.

Alumni Network

API can connect prospective program participants with recently returned API alumni through the API Alumni Network. These alumni can share their experience, answer questions, and connect with students pre-departure. Upon their return, API alumni have the opportunity to participate in a number of alumni programming opportunities, including the API Alumni Program.

Social Networking

API was one of the first study abroad organizations to establish a strong presence on social media, and we’ve received several awards and industry accolades for our outreach efforts. Join the conversation at #apiabroad, #ispyapi, and @apiabroad on your preferred social network!


On-Site Services

On-Site Staff

In all study abroad, internship, high school, and gap year locations, API has highly qualified, trained, and experienced English-speaking Resident Directors/Coordinators who are available to students throughout their session abroad. Most Resident Directors/Coordinators are locals from the host country in which students will be studying, and all are ready to provide practical information and insight into the host culture. Resident Directors/Coordinators greet students at the airport, introduce students to the ways of life in their host country, help students to register at the host institution, and support students throughout their stay. They are also available in case of any personal emergency and are ready to implement the API emergency response plans if needed.

There is optional airport reception and pick-up. 


The on-site orientation takes place during the first week of a student’s stay. API orientations include city tours as well as practical information about life in the host city, including transportation, safety, and local culture. The orientation is designed to minimize adjustment difficulties upon arrival and gives students a chance to get to know other participants in the program. Intern abroad participants will receive additional workplace training, and those participating in an an 8-Week Fixed Date Internship Program will receive our unique 3-day Workplace and Culture Orientation. During this fun and education orientation, interns will have the opportunity to build relationships with other participants, discover the local culture, learn about the host country work environment, attend career-related workshops, and participate in local cultural activities.

Tuition for Study Abroad, High School and Gap Year Participants

All programs include a fixed number of credits per term as part of the standard fee. The number of credits that a student can earn each term is detailed on each program page and varies from approximately 12-18 credits per semester and 3-6 credits per Jan-term, summer, or intensive session. Intern abroad participants who select an 8-week fixed date program may pursue a credit-bearing option for an additional fee.

Medical and Life Insurance

Medical and life insurance is provided for all participants during the program term. The coverage includes medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as 24-hour support for medical issues.


API participants on study abroad, gap, and high school programs have the opportunity to broaden their classroom experience through several organized excursions, which are included in the price of the program. Overnight lodging, breakfast, entrance fees, and transportation to and from the excursion locations are included. Excursions are subject to change depending on availability, weather, and other factors. Internship program participants may be able to join study abroad excursions in their locations as available.

Social and Cultural Activities

Study abroad, high school, gap year, and intern abroad students are offered monthly API-sponsored social and cultural activities, including outings to movies, concerts, cultural tours, theater performances, museums, outdoor activities, and more. All entrance fees are covered by API. Students also enjoy both welcome and farewell meals.

Volunteer Activities for Study Abroad and Gap Year Participants

Organized by API Resident Directors/Coordinators in many locations, the API Gives Back Project may consist of an ongoing volunteer opportunity or a one-day commitment. The goal of the project is to help API students express their thanks for the welcome they receive from the local community.


Housing is included in the program fee fo*r study abroad, intern, high school, and gap year programs. Depending on the host city, students may choose from various housing options, including host families, apartments, or student dormitories. Students can request single rooms or other housing upgrades for an additional cost.

Housing for most academic year students during the period between the fall and spring semesters is not included in the API program fee. Most students take advantage of this time to return home to the U.S. or to travel around their host country. In most cases, API can arrange for between-term housing for students in their host city for an additional fee. Refer to the city information sections on this website for more specific housing information by location.

*Students who opt out of API housing will only receive a partial refund of the housing cost, depending on the specific program. In addition, some US-based universities require their students to stay in API housing. Please check with your home university prior to requesting to opt out.

Re-Entry Services


Upon completion of the academic session, an official transcript from an accredited institution with a letter of translation (if necessary) is sent to each student’s home institution. API encourages students to discuss their academic choices with advisors at their home institution to determine how credits reflected on the transcript might be transferred toward their degree plan.

Alumni Network and Professional Development Opportunities

Returning students have the opportunity to continue to be engaged with API through a variety of alumni programming opportunities. Whether connecting through the API Alumni Network, keeping up to date with current job postings and items of interest on the API Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups, or participating in API’s Alumni Program, API continues to support participants post-experience.

API Alumni Program

API’s Alumni Program offers student leaders the opportunity to build core competencies of global leadership in a dynamic and creative atmosphere. The program helps participants develop skills to share their experience in their community, on campus, and in job interviews. Students host collaborative events to share their international story and learn to integrate their international experience into their chosen career path. The program empowers participants to transform the world, as the world transformed them.

Reflection Sessions for Gap Year Students

API will facilitate opportunities for reflection throughout the session to assist participants in connecting with their experience in a purposeful way. Participants will consider the goals they set prior to their arrival and consider what they have learned about themselves and the world around them since arriving abroad. For gap study abroad and gap internship participants, this will also include an additional excursion or activity planned specifically with them in mind!