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Through API’s virtual gap year, study, intern and lab programs, you can have a truly international learning experience from virtually anywhere. And, thanks to the APIConnect experiential learning platform, our virtual programs are anything but 2-dimensional. 

Featured Virtual Programs

Community Engagement Lab

This 12-week team-based learning experience involves teams of 4-6 participants working together to explore ways to create actionable change and make a lasting impact in communities at home and abroad.


Innovation Lab

API’s Innovation Lab offers you the opportunity to work with a team of 4-6 peers using the United Nations’ Global Goals as a blueprint for understanding global problems that need solving, such as poverty, gender equality, and climate action – among many others – for a healthier and happier world.


Virtual Internships

Complete a virtual internship with an international organization to differentiate your resume, earn essential skills that employers value, and grow your professional network.


Hybrid Accelerated Innovation Lab

The accelerated API Innovation Lab program is an 8-week blended learning experience that brings you the best of both worlds- a dynamic virtual learning environment to generate world-changing ideas and the opportunity to study abroad in person in Dublin, Ireland. 


Take a Virtual Class….Abroad!

Study Virtually While Abroad Using Class Finder

API’s Class Finder provides a wide variety of online undergraduate course offerings from accredited colleges that can help you meet your program requirements during your study abroad, internship, or gap year experience abroad.

Virtual Classes provide a wide variety of undergraduate course offerings to give you more options and flexibility while abroad. The API Virtual Class network of colleges pioneers new ways for you to be successful and pursue international learning experiences customized to meet your needs. Since all courses come from regionally accredited institutions, you can be confident your credits will transfer once your home institution reviews and approves the courses. Have the international experience you want without sacrificing your academic progress!

Virtual Classes

Provide Unique Options for  You

Students in Lisbon

1,500 Courses

Access 1500+ undergraduate courses offered online from US-accredited institutions in a wide variety of subject areas. 

Gain Flexibility

Gain flexibly in your schedule abroad to participate in internships or other activities.

Stay on Track

Stay on track to complete your associate’s or bachelor’s degree or knock prerequisites or supplemental coursework while abroad. 

Earn Credit

Continue or get a head start earning college credit that transfers back home no matter where you are in your education journey.

Answers to Your Most Common Questions About Virtual Classes

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Are there any admission requirements?

Review Requirements

Virtual Classes in Class Finder may require an additional application and prerequisites will vary by course. These courses are open to students looking to earn undergraduate-level credit while abroad as long as there’s a seat available at the academic institution offering the course, so register early! 


How long does it take to complete a virtual class?

Class Length Info

Courses take between 6-16 weeks on average to complete. Course length varies by academic institution. 

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Will I get course credit?

Read About Transferability

The learning options above reflect the full range of offerings from API’s academic partners. The options available to you may vary based on what your home university approves to accept as credit. Check with and complete your home university’s course approval process to confirm the credits will transfer.

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How much do virtual classes cost?


One of the advantages of virtual classes is their affordability! For a 3-4 credit class, the price is $1,050. If you need additional options or modifications, pricing may be impacted.


Will I have to take classes at a specific time?


You’ll log in and take your course through the school’s learning management system. It will be important to start the course on time and complete all the initial assignments, as activity is the same as attendance in asynchronous courses.


How do I apply?

Steps to Apply

That’s Easy!

  • Apply to an API program and request a virtual class
  • Use Class Finder to review Virtual Class options
  • Select Host University > Virtual Classes – US Universities
  • Choose the class title that interests you. 
  • Save as Favorite for ease of access.
  • Select View Syllabus to download.
  • Check with and complete your home university’s course approval process to confirm the credits will transfer. 
“The API Lab offered a wonderful chance to connect with students from all around the world and learn about business practices in an engaging and valuable way. Guest speakers provided incredible industry and experience insights and mentors were supportive and offered fantastic guidance. The content in the modules exceeded my expectations, especially in combination with the keynote speakers.”


Madeline D.,
API virtual program participant
Economics and Neuroscience double major

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