If you’re a recent high school grad – or planning to be one – a gap program can offer the opportunity to earn college credit, service hours, work experience, or all of the above. And with programs options in various destinations, as well as full academic year, semester or summer sessions, there’s something for everyone.

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Gap Year Abroad with API

Gap Study Abroad

Complete college courses prior to beginning an undergraduate program​, either abroad or in the U.S​. You’ll receive extensive support and guidance before traveling and will have on-site support from ​highly trained ​local API Resident Directors.

Choose to study for a semester or full academic year. In addition, summer study programs are available for high school students and recent grads.

Equine internship abroad
Gap Internships

Explore an area of professional interest in several exciting fields and destinations, while taking advantage of API’s career and cultural resources, which help participants to maximize their personal and professional development.

Pre-departure, API will work with you to find or customize the best possible internship placement to meet your learning objectives, skillset, and future career interests. Choose to stay for just eight weeks or as long as three months.

Equine internship abroad

Intern Abroad with API


Volunteer Abroad with API

Gap Community Service

API community service programs are designed to be safe and immersive experiences for recent grads and high schools students. With plenty of opportunity to participate in cultural exchange, students will engage directly with the host community and be actively involved in various social welfare service or environmental projects. You can choose to serve for one, two, or three months in each location.

Great Reasons for Gap Experiences

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Invest in Your Future

Expand your understanding of the world and build skills and experiences that colleges, universities and employers value. Differentiate your resume from peers, expand your college and employment options, get hired faster or into the school of your dreams, and your chances of a higher starting salary upon graduation.


Build Confidence

Build confidence by exploring a new country, culture and way of life. Gap program participants are empowered to explore their new host country, but also have the support of API Resident Directors and Coordinators to assist with any need that arises. Your newfound confidence will be easily recognizable by colleges, universities and future employers and will help you have stronger interviews.

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Learn a Languge

Learn a new language or improve your language skills through opportunities to have robust dialogue in an integrated classroom with host country and other international students. API’s Resident Directors are happy to support you through conversation practice and tutoring. Colleges, universities and potential employers value multilingualism and the ability to speak more than one language opens employment doors

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Change the World

Engage directly with the global community, shifting your world view and forming new, global connections that break down barriers and foster understanding. What’s more, you’ll learn skills that have real-world application, such as the value of teamwork and the true impact that goodwill and coordination can have on a local community. These skills and competencies will be valued and appreciated by colleges, universities, and future employers. 


Unforgettable Summer Experiences for High Schoolers

Before the post graduation gap, there are plenty of programs for high school students to explore. Develop relevant global skills through safe, fun, and enriching summer study abroad or community service programs. Whether it’s a language and cultural immersion or various social welfare service or environmental projects, API students can develop their language, communication, social, and intercultural skills in an exciting international program geared to prepare them for a lifetime of global awareness and involvement.

Claire Ketzler in front of Eiffel Tower

Experiencing Paris with API

“I found my way in college much more easily than many of my peers. I learned my second language (German) faster – not because it resembles French in any way but the alphabet, but because I wasn’t afraid to go for it. I embraced all the experiences of my study abroad semester differently than had I never been abroad before. When I returned, I knew what to do with those experiences. I had a cohort of worldly, well-traveled peers to discuss experiences with, and an incredible group of mentors on campus who helped me leverage those experiences after graduation. To this day, I cite my gap year as the most transformational year of my life.”
~Lexi A.,
API Grenoble Gap Program Participant

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