We partner with U.S.-based colleges and universities to provide international internships that connect students with global organizations. By working with us, you leverage our free services and smart technology to source talent from more than 700 of the top U.S. institutions. 

Intern Abroad with API

Why Hire an Intern or Start an Internship Program?

Be More Productive

Keep your staff focused on strategic projects while interns pick up tasks that require less high-level expertise.

Leverage Entry-Level Talent

Let’s face it, not all aspects of everyone’s job requires someone with years of experience. Leverage smart, motivated students to get entry-level tasks done!

Build Stronger Leaders

Give new or existing managers the opportunity to guide and mentor your interns so they learn to be stronger leaders.  

Evaluate Talent

Internships are a great way to take entry-level talent for a test drive to see if they might be a longer term fit.

Diversify Your Workforce

Interns can bring a whole new, youthful, tech-native perspective to your team.

Pay it Forward

Internships offer a real-world experience that allows students to hone and professionalize core sills and helps in creating a better future workforce.

Consider Which Type of Internship

Is Right for You

On Site vs Virtual

Virtual internships are ideal during a pandemic, but also great for those who value flexibility. Employers can also expand their candidate pool to anyone with reliable internet access.

Paid VS Unpaid

The primary beneficiary of an unpaid internship must be the intern, and they limit you in terms of the amount and type of work that you can assign.

Group vs Independent

Perhaps all you need is a single intern to help with a set of projects. But consider the possibility of bringing on a group of students who could collaborate solutions to bigger, more strategic problems as well.

Credit vs No Credit

In order for an internship to qualify for college credit, it must clearly relate to an academic discipline, and interns may be required to demonstrate what they learned to their university.

“The center and the team I worked with were absolutely incredible. They were very welcoming and helpful. I not only learned but enjoyed spending time at work! learned techniques used in my field and was able to embrace/understand how individuals with a different culture than mine live. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the way were are brought up and different our lifestyles are.”

Katherine P.
API Madrid Intern

Why Work with API?

The Depth and Breadth of Our Reach

  • Staffing across all continents, excluding Antarctica
  • Thousands of students leveraging our smart technology
  • 700+ U.S. partner universities and colleges to build your talent pipeline

Benefit from Our Experience

Companies work with us to lighten the administrative burden of hiring international interns and to leverage our database of pre-screened students from more than 700 U.S.-based colleges and universities. Additionally, our students participate in career coaching to ensure their resumes are up to date and accurate, their interview skills are honed, and they are prepared and ready to succeed in  international organizations. 


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