Our goal at API is to give students and participants the highest quality and value of programming that allows you to become immersed in the local culture and gain a global understanding.

We offer programs for all levels - high school, gap year, college, graduate, and professionals. Whether you're looking to do a semester abroad in college, spend your summer abroad in high school, or intern abroad before graduating, API has programs to fit what you need.

Don't know where to start when it comes to picking your program? Check out our Program Finder to see what opportunities await!

“I loved API! Everyone was so helpful. It wasn't easy the first week or two adjusting to a totally new place, but API was welcoming and provided tons of information to make the transition comfortable. I loved studying in Florence and hopefully will be back again to visit one day. It was amazing being able to travel and experience new cultures in order to gain new perspectives."

Rebecca R. University of Rhode Island

Student FAQs

Click the yellow "Apply Now" button at the top of any page. You'll be prompted to make an APIConnect account, which will be your home base to submit your transcript, course form, and other required application materials. Once you select a program, you'll work with one of our great U.S.-based Program Coordinators and Managers who are experts on their respective locations. They'll help you from application first steps all the way until you go abroad!

Yes! API does accept all forms of financial aid according to approval from the home university or organization. Just know that financial aid cannot be used to cover any of the deposits of the program (application, confirmation, etc). Please check with our Financial Services staff if you have any questions!

API does collect a $150 application deposit. However, if you are not accepted by the host university or API, you may be eligible to receive a refund. Bonus - this deposit is not an additional fee but is applied toward the program cost!

API believes in the importance of a strong GPA but we're willing to consider an applicant whose GPA falls below the official requirement in certain instances. Students are asked to submit a statement of explanation addressing the reasons behind their low GPA.

API is most willing to consider an applicant with a low GPA in the following instances:

  • The G.P.A. trend has steadily improved from a low point early on in the student’s academic career.
  • A small number of courses substantially affected the cumulative GPA.
  • The student has made a concerted effort to study the host language, has performed well in the language courses and has applied for a program with a language focus.
  • The student selected the wrong major, and upon correcting the course of study, has steadily improved the GPA.

If API cannot accept a student for the session originally desired, we will invite the applicant to reapply for a subsequent session when grades have improved.

You may only apply to one program at a time but if you change your mind before the deadline, just let us know and we can switch over your application if we are able. Don't worry - we can also transfer your application deposit so no need to pay it twice!

API encourages students to book their own airfare. Upon acceptance, you will receive information on where and when to book your flights. Students often can find the cheapest flights so we leave it up to you and your flight savvy booking skills to find the best deal and fit for you. Once you arrive at your destination, our API on-site staff will be there to pick you and your group up from the airport.

Depending on which site you select for your API program, as well as your country of citizenship, you may be required to apply for a visa in order to enter the host country for purposes of study.

API will provide guidance regarding the required documents after you have been accepted, and we will supply you with certain required documents.

It is very important that you complete your application for the API program quickly so that you can begin applying for your visa as soon as possible as visa processing can take time. Just know, API is not able to provide a refund if you are unable to obtain a visa prior to your program start date. We will do our best to advise you when we receive your application if we feel that you do not have sufficient time to obtain the visa.

All API participants will be required to have a valid passport for travel outside of their home country. If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. If you do have a passport, check the expiration date to ensure that the expiration date is at least 6 months after the end of your program. You will need to renew your passport immediately if it expires too soon after your program end date.

If you are in the process of applying for a passport or plan to apply for one but still want to start your API application, just let us know! We can help you to move forward with your application until you receive your passport.

Why Go Abroad with API?

Friendly API Resident Directors/Coordinators will meet students upon arrival in most programs. Participants will also take part in a group orientation, often including a welcome lunch or dinner, so you can get to know your new friends as well as your API Resident Director/Coordinator.

All API study abroad programs (including gap and high school) include excursions that introduce you to wonderful destinations in your host country. Wherever possible, API excursions offer more comfort and safer travel by using private means of transportation, including chartered buses, airlines, and high-speed trains.

Study abroad students are offered several API-sponsored social and cultural activities during their stay, including outings to movies, concerts, cultural tours, theater performances, museums, outdoor activities, and more. All entrance fees are covered by API.

Cultural activities and day trips are available to API internship abroad programs.

API takes pride in being available to you during all phases of the international experience - pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry. Whether it's answering a simple question, or supporting you during a local or personal emergency, API U.S. and international team members are available to respond to your needs 24/7.

API provides all study abroad (including gap and high school) and internship participants quality housing that is safe and located near university or city centers. Local API directors screen all housing options prior to your arrival. Many programs offer multiple types of housing, including apartments, host families, and/or dormitories to appeal to every student interest.

API intern program participants will have safe quality housing located near their placements. The housing options are generally host families or apartments.

Every API study abroad (including gap and high school), and internship program has highly-qualified, trained, and experienced English-speaking Resident Directors/Coordinators to make sure that your time abroad is the best it can be. Most are locals from the host country and will help you feel at home before you know it!

API teach abroad programs that do not have Resident Directors/Coordinators on-site will offer the support of local API partners and hosts to assist with any needs the participant may have while abroad.

The health and safety of our participants is our number one priority. If you get sick or injured while abroad, our insurance will help to cover the care you need to get better.

In most locations, study abroad participants (including gap) be able to take part in either an ongoing or one-day volunteer opportunity. The goal of the API Gives Back program is to help API students express their thanks for the welcome they received from the local community.

API is committed to providing enriching international experiences to its participants. We believe in the importance of promoting acceptance, dignity, and respect among people of all backgrounds.

Click here to discover more about API's commitment to diversity.

API is committed to delivering safe and high-quality programming around the world. We take pride in being available to participants, parents, and advisors and are prepared for any situation. Be assured that you will be well prepared for the experience prior to your arrival on-site. Once abroad, our local API staff is ready and willing to handle any situation that may arise.

Check out our Health and Safety page for more information about assistance on-site and API's insurance information.

It’s crucial that participants have a plan for financing a program abroad. API encourages participants to begin strategizing before they apply to a program and to involve parents and academic advisors, where necessary, in the conversation.

We know that financing your time abroad can be difficult to plan for. API accepts all forms of financial aid according to approval from the home university or organization. To help you out, API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually typically ranging from $250 -$1,000 per student. We also offer an API Intern Abroad scholarship for interested students.

The resources in our Financial Information section can help you get started. Click the link below to learn more.