Customized Programs

API specializes in creating customized and faculty-led programs abroad in collaboration with university faculty and staff. We will work closely with you to develop and implement a customized program that is tailored to your specific needs and priorities. Partnering with API means less risk, less hassle and a program that is your design.

Consider using APIConnect’s Learning Experience app, programming services, and content libraries as part of your custom programming!

The API Value

API works with you every step of the way to ensure we are meeting your objectives and goals. Together we can create the best version of your program and deliver an experience that will stay with you and your students for a lifetime.

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Experiencing Iceland with API


Leverage Our Global Network

Leverage API’s extensive global infrastructure of host universities, industry partners, community organizations and vendors in nearly 25 countries to deliver a program that meets your learning objectives. We can provide a wide range of services from designing full semester cohort programs to delivering logistical and emergency support services only. This is your program, your design.

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Reduce Risk

For 25 years, API has been committed to providing the highest level of risk management. You have the support of our state-side team and onsite staff who are highly trained professionals in the field available to support your program in an emergency. Our Resident Directors also provide ongoing support and valuable local expertise that can facilitate a safe and well-executed program. To ensure the highest level of risk mitigation, we offer an affordable comprehensive insurance plan, including emergency evacuation.

Click here to see our most recent Covid-19 policies (policies are subject to change from session to session).

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Eliminate Hassle

API can take care of the details! Our team can handle the administrative, logistical, and financial details of your program so you can focus on what you love to do most, teach. Benefit from the expertise of our on-site directors and partner organizations knowing that API excels at designing and operating QUIP certified customized programs abroad.


Membership is Meaningful.

When you partner with API on your customized program, you gain all the benefits of being an APIConnect Member for free. That means that you gain access to:

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Leverage Our Services

Utilize the services of our professional marketing team to reach more students and end the enrollment challenge for good! Through an integrated, digital campaign approach, we do the heavy lifting that is needed to draw more students to your program and keep them interested and excited. 

Then, rest assured that your students will be assisted all the way through the enrollment process, provided with the information they need, and expert guidance they appreciate.

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Exceed Capacity Goals

Want to make sure your faculty’s customized programs meet or exceed their capacity requirements every time? We can help you do just that! By promoting your customized programs alongside our core programming in APIConnect, you can elevate the visibility of your programs and allow students from other colleges and universities to help ensure your programs run every time!

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APIConnect is a data-driven, experiential education platform developed to help colleges, universities and students create and find learning experiences customized to meet their needs. From in-depth, industry-specific research to scholarship details, funnel transparency, analytics and more, APIConnect’s apps deliver unprecedented knowledge and insight to institutions and a vast library of programming geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

Learn More about APIConnect here. 

The Custom Program Process:

What You Can Expect

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Step 1: Submit a Request

API will review your inquiry to ensure we can meet your needs for the specified location and dates. Then, a dedicated program manager will be assigned to begin the program development process. If you have an outline, click here to submit your request. If you’d like our help to get started, inquire here.


Step 2: Design Your Program

API will send you a proposal and work with you to make adjustments to meet your needs and price point.

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Step 3: Student Recruitment

API will help you fill program seats, leveraging out expert student marketing and advising teams.

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Step 4: Pre-Departure Planning

Students and faculty will gain access to APIConnect, along with a dedicated Program Manager to help with each step of the enrollment process.

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Step 5: Program Operation

On-site staff are there for the entire journey and provide cultural and safety orientations, excursions, cultural events, academic visits, and help with any emergencies that may arise.

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Step 6: Program Evaluation

Upon completion, API will provide a program evaluation summary and recommendations for future programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to put a proposal together?

On average it takes 2-6 weeks to put an initial proposal together. During that time we are evaluating the request and working with our on-site experts to gauge feasibility, collect logistical and pricing information and put together a program that meets all your needs outlined in your program request.

How can API help us recruit students?

API offers our full range of  in-depth marketing and advising expertise to ensure that program seats get filled.  Details of what is included will be part of our onboarding discussion.

How does API manage safety and risk for a customized program?

Upon arrival, customized program groups will be met by an API Resident Director who will serve as the group’s main contact on the ground. As a full-service provider, API Resident Directors will support the group throughout the program and are available to provide 24/7 emergency response services when needed. API also offers medical & life insurance coverage for customized programs, including medical evacuation and repatriation. If your school’s policy does not include this coverage, it is API policy to include insurance coverage in the program for all participants. All of API’s health and safety practices also come standard on any customized program; for detailed information on these policies see our Health & Safety Resources.

What types of programs can I design/develop with API and what can be included?

We design in collaboration with you, so let API know what you’re dreaming up and we will evaluate feasibility. API is a full-service provider, meaning we offer accommodations, safety management, transportation, cultural activities, academic coordination, logistics, excursions, and so much more! We can even “add-on” service learning, internships, or have your customized program feed into one of our semester programs.

I have an idea of what I want to teach, but how do I develop a program from here?

This is the benefit of partnering with API. Our Customized Program Managers are skilled at listening to your vision and working to develop a program that meets your desired learning outcomes. Submit a request and a Program Manager will be in touch to begin the process.

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