We welcome API Global Leadership Academy applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.

There are three intake periods for the academy: June 1st, August 1st, and January 1st. The June 1st intake period is for any API alum who wants to be considered for the academic year API Global Leadership Academy program.

Apply today to share your experience with others and grow as a leader in the API Global Leadership Academy.

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Your world was transformed. Now it's your turn to transform the world.

API offers returned participants a chance to continue engaging with their international experience by sharing it with their personal, professional, and campus communities. Become an API Global Leader and learn how to integrate your international experience into your chosen career path. Inspire others to explore the world and study or intern abroad.

What is the API Global Leadership Academy?

Join the API Global Leadership Academy for either a semester or academic year and build core competencies of global leadership in a dynamic and creative atmosphere. Develop skills to share your experience in your community, on your campus, and in job interviews. Host fun events to tell your story and learn about the field of international education. Be empowered to transform the world in a concrete way. Leave the academy with more than just a certificate of participation - leave with an edge in the global marketplace and a strong contribution to your résumé.

"If you aren’t ready for your API study abroad experience to be over and if international education has changed your life like it changed mine, I cannot recommend the Global Leadership Academy highly enough. The program allows you a chance to reflect on your experiences, rediscover who you are and what is important to you and provides an outlet to channel your energy into something meaningful and productive."

Madison Goddard, API Global Leader

Benefits of the GLA

Who is this program a good fit for?

API seeks highly motivated leaders who are eager to share the transformative power of their international experience with others. API seeks leaders who are comfortable collaborating with others to execute common goals, have demonstrated leadership roles on campus or in the community and can work independently and creatively. API seeks participants who have completed an API study, intern, or gap abroad program.

As a member of the GLA, you will:

  • Develop leadership competencies in a global context by participating monthly in both group and independent activities.
  • Engage with your community by sharing your story through collaborative event planning, whether on your college campus or in the local area.
  • Create opportunities for others to be transformed by international education through content-development and targeted outreach.
  • Learn from experts who have successfully integrated their international experience into leadership opportunities in international organizations, including career webinars highlighting API alumni in a variety of career fields.
  • Take your passion for being abroad to the next level by working closely with leaders in the international education field to develop professional skills.
  • Learn more about how to apply your international experience to your career. Gain in-depth knowledge about how to appropriately reflect your international experience on a résumé, cover letter, and in job interviews!
  • Earn monthly rewards that reflect the skills you've earned and the work you're doing in the program - from reflection journals to in-depth résumé and LinkedIn profile reviews, API will reward the skills you're building as an API Global Leader. Academic yearlong participants earn a travel grantupon successful program completion and semester participants have the opportunity to win a travel grant.
  • Commit approximately 3-4 hours per month in the semester-long program and 10 hours per month in the academic year-long program to program participation, including interactive webinars and team-building activities.

Options to return abroad with API


API encourages students to maximize their cultural learning by studying abroad as long as their academic and personal schedules allow!


Students who select an academic year program have a special program fee which is less than the combined cost of the fall and spring semesters.


Participants who elect to complete a second session with API, either in their original host city or in another site, will receive a discount on the second session program cost. API college, gap-year, and high school study abroad participants who complete a second program will receive a 5% discount on their second session, while participants who elect to do an API intern program during their second session will receive a $200 discount.

Any subsequent sessions selected by the participant will also result in the same respective discount structure.

API offers graduate and certificate programs in several locations that allow students to continue their advanced study and professional development abroad with API's comprehensive services and support.

API offers the following study abroad graduate programs. Programs range from 1 semester to 1 year in length, though this may vary based on the degree pursued.

London, England

  • University of Westminster Graduate Programs

Limerick, Ireland

  • University of Limerick Graduate Programs

If you’d like to pursue further studies in International Education here in the U.S., there are some great graduate programs out there. Here’s a brief list:

API's international internships provide unique opportunities for participants to explore and cultivate their future career path through a high-quality, customized, credit-bearing* placement in several exciting fields and destinations. API internship programs encompass a number of career development and cultural resources to help participants maximize their personal and professional development.

API offers internship programs in 8 countries around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Chile, England, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain.

For more information on API's intern abroad programs, click here.

*Academic credit is optional for an additional fee.

All students receive a Transcript Release Form in their post-acceptance online forms. By completing this form, students authorize API to forward the official transcript to a specific official/office at the student’s home university. Upon completion of the academic session, the API office receives an official copy of our students’ transcripts from the foreign host institution. We, in turn, forward the transcript to the college or university representative whom the student designated prior to their departure. This process can take as long as 2-3 months to be completed.

All official transcripts are accompanied by a cover letter explaining relevant course and credit conversion suggestions and an API translated transcript when necessary (samples available upon request). Many transcripts also receive an API translation page. Though not an official document, the API translation provides our recommendations for the number of American credit hours and grades that could be assigned for each of the courses completed abroad. We recognize that each university has its own standards and methods for translating foreign credits, so we offer recommendations based on precedence and experience.

Request Additional Transcripts

API alumni wishing to order an additional transcript can do so by referencing the information and links below. To order an official copy of your transcript click on your host country destination listed below. API directly processes and issues most additional transcript copies. In a few cases, the official transcript is instead processed by a U.S. university which serves as the "school of record" and issues the transcript. Programs that have a school of record are listed below. For further inquiries, please contact our Transcript Coordinator at transcripts@apiabroad.com or at 1-800-844-4124.

Most Study Abroad Locations:


Share Your Story

API Program Reviews

Many independent websites offer alumni the opportunity to submit reviews of their study, intern, gap, or high school abroad program in a public forum so that future students and participants may learn about their options from their peers.

Following is a list of some of the top sites where API students and participants have left reviews of their programs in the past, and where future students and participants may go for information to aid in their research.

  • Abroad101 is the largest independent study abroad review site on the web, and API is one of the most (favorably) reviewed programs.
  • Go Overseas Reviews – Go Overseas offers insightful articles, quizzes, and other fun study abroad resources as well as alumni reviews and interviews. Follow this link to read API’s program reviews.
  • GoAbroad.com is one of the largest and most reputable study abroad listing sites and features a testimonials section per program. Follow this link to read API’s student/participant testimonials.
  • Fans of API have also left many reviews on our Facebook Page.

Contact API

API is committed to offering personalized student service, and a big part of this is listening to what our students tell us. We encourage prospective, current, and former students to follow up with us at any time at api@apiabroad.com or 1-800-844-4124.