Parent and Guardian

Resource Guide

Greetings from Academic Programs International (API)!

We are pleased that your learner has applied to an API program, and have created the Parent and Guardian Resource Guide to help you understand next steps.

The experience of living, interacting and learning in an international environment presents invaluable opportunities for each student’s academic and personal development. All of our academic and extracurricular offerings are selected with the goal of helping students to grow more self-aware and culturally sensitive. We envision each student evolving from a tourist to a resident to a global citizen, and API is dedicated to supporting this lifelong process.

We realize that many of you are involved financially or otherwise in this experience abroad, and we want to include you in the process! We hope this handbook will provide you with guidance about the program your student has chosen and
will answer some of the logistical questions you may have. At API, we strongly believe that extensive pre-departure preparation is an essential element of ensuring a positive experience. Traveling internationally is becoming more and more common. You
and your student may be seasoned travelers, but living in a foreign country, whether it is for four weeks or an academic year, requires a different level of preparation. The materials and support we provide throughout the pre-departure process will assist you with your preparations.

Throughout the preparation period, we will direct much of our correspondence only to students, as we seek to empower them to prepare for their session. Your student will receive a great deal of information over the coming weeks, and reviewing those materials independently is an important part of the preparation process.

We look forward to working with you and your student during this process, and we invite you to contact our office at any time with your questions and concerns. The resources we provide and your interactions with our staff will assure you that your student has made the right decision to go abroad and to do so with API!

API Staff