Experiential Cohort-Building


API’s Cohort-Building Initiatives (CBI) are a valuable tool to help colleges and universities exponentially expand both the number and types of students who have access to global learning through thoughtfully integrated programs. We work with study abroad offices, deans, enrollment offices, career advisors and beyond to identify opportunities around the world, share strategies for overcoming barriers to participation, and  then launch customized, transformative experiences.


Experiencing Chile with API

Struggling with something? Here’s How CBI can help you solve it!


Popular Majors Straining Capacity?

Too many students? Not enough faculty, classroom space, or housing? We have a solution for that. API’s Cohort-Building Initiatives can pair you with a program abroad that will ensure all students get the classes they need – pre-vetted by your team – and can stay on track to graduate on time.

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Underserved Populations

If you have a large cohort of students who may be underserved in some way – perhaps they are first gen or transfer students – that you want to keep engaged or enthusiastic, Experiential Cohort-Building is a fantastic way to do just that.


New or Revised Gen Ed/Core Curriculum

Is global engagement or learning a pillar of your Core Curriculum? ECBI can customize programs anywhere in the world to meet your specific student learning objectives, while also providing in-person and virtual experiences and courses to help students meet their other Gen Ed requirements. 

Faculty with Big Ideas

Have faculty members with a burning need to achieve some lofty goals? Want to help them accomplish those goals without having to build out an entirely new customized program? ECBI is the answer! We can help you and your faculty leverage the power of our existing global infrastructure and make the process repeatable year after year.

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Pressure to Hit Enrollment & Graduation Targets

Help your institution compete and differentiate itself by providing students with the opportunity to study abroad in a large cohort of their peers. Experience shows that these students uniquely bond and connect, come back to campus as engaged advocates for both your brand and for study abroad experiences, participate in more experiential learning, and persist to graduation.

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What's Next

Listen for your colleagues to define their issues, blockers, priorities and needs. Then, together with API, we can help them turn those issues into opportunities!


The Global Infrastructure to Make Things GO

Students in Lisbon

Local Team Expertise

Our team of Regional and Resident Directors are the best in the business. Their tenure and track record are why API kept them on board throughout COVID.

Our Extensive Housing Network

API has recently rolled out it’s Visited and Verified brand and has expanded it’s network of housing providers to offer a multi-tiered options to students. 

Strong Host University Relationships

API works hard to maintain and build on our already strong host university relationships and partner with the most prestigious institutions in the world. 

International Business and NGO Relationships

Thanks to our internship teams both stateside and abroad, we have deep, lasting and always growing relationships hundreds of businesses and NGOs abroad.

Exceptional Outcomes


Greater Student Satisfaction

Cohort-based programming delivers greater student satisfaction and success.

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Receive college and institution-level endorsement and support.

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Aligned Coursework

Guaranteed coursework at institutions abroad that aligns seamlessly with home campuses.

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Enrollment Management

Enrollment management for first-year students and the ability to put more students through linchpin classes.



Repeatable programs, meaning more students at scale, more word of mouth exposure, and higher take rates over time.

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Help your campus compete on the whole, and open up a whole new revenue stream.

Check Out These Incredible, Real-Life Results!

Students in Barcelona

Large Public University in Florida

Learned how to build an interdisciplinary center abroad in conjunction with different colleges across campus to grow faculty and student participation in global learning and internationalizing the curriculum.

API students at Auckland New Zealand beach

Private Institution in Virginia

Through academic advisor outreach and involvement, this school devised a way to manage through an issue of of overenrolled majors by sending more STEM students abroad to take critical courses. 

Study abroad students in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Private University in California

Created a multidisciplinary program from scratch in a unique destination using local, regional, and global network of qualified professors.

Students in Iceland

Large Public University in Michigan

Took an enrollment problem – students overenrolled linchpin classes in popular majors – and turned it into a strategic advantage by offering it abroad, thereby engaging home and host faculty in collaborative curricular design.

Cohort Building at UNC Chappell Hill

“… I’ve spoken to about 25 students individually who applied to UNC specifically because of the first-year Global program.” 

– Robert Noffsinger, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions at UNC Chapel Hill

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