Housing Options in

Florence, Italy

Students studying abroad in Florence have the option of selecting an apartment or a dorm. In both cases, there is a standard option and an upgraded, premium option for an additional fee. Full details on both options, as well as upgrades, along with images are below! 

Florence Italy

Experience Florence with API

Housing Options in Florence:

  Premium Apartments
  Student Dorms
  Premium Dorms
Why Apartment Living
  • Located within the historic district of Florence.
  • An easy walk from LdM.
  • Apartments in Florence vary in size and layout. Some API apartments can house as many as 10 students, although most students will share a room with only 1-2 other students. To request a single unit, see premium apartment options.
  • All apartments come equipped with a kitchen, 1-3 bathrooms, and common areas.
  • Periodic cleaning services are included at no additional cost.
  • Washing machines available.
Why Upgrade to Premium Apartments
  • Everything in standard apartments, plus…
  • 2 student maximum per apartment with single bedrooms only.
  • Air conditioning in all units.
  • Additional amenities depending on the apartment.
Florence Dorm Placeholder
Why Dorm Living
  • Currently under construction, so everything will be brand new!
  • API students only.
  • Each room has its own attached bathroom.
  • Shared kitchen only for API students.
  • All rooms will have a desk.
  • Excellent location, a short walk from LdM.
  • Air conditioning in all units.
  • Enjoy a larger API group to meet and get to know.
Why Upgrade to Premium Dorms
  • Everything in standard dorms, plus…
  • Private bathrooms
  • Additional communal spaces to work and relax
  • Access to a great gym
  • Free bike-sharing
  • On-site laundry
  • 24-hour security

“I want you to know just how amazing of an experience I had with API! I tell people that it exceeded all of my expectations, that it couldn’t have been any better. Thank you for creating such a great program! Throughout the session, API was always there to answer questions, give advice, and provide assistance. If I had to do it all again I would still choose API.”

~Abby W.
API Florence student
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