API’s digital badge program is the best way to showcase the skills and knowledge gained from participating in an API experience—whether it be an internship, studying abroad, or virtual program. The Learning and Engagement Digital Badge Program provides you the opportunity to:

  • Earn badges that display the value of experiential learning in a way employers understand
  • Share your skills and accomplishments in a way that will differentiate your resume on LinkedIn, your portfolio, personal website, and overall digital presence
  • Access to a specialized employment database that highlights your earned badges

To earn a badge, you engage in unique activities designed to enhance your experience and develop essential skills, including: community projects, making the most of travel opportunities, networking and intercultural communication in an international workplace, and more. Each badge earned links to a dedicated page explaining the steps taken to earn the badge.

Interested in participating? View in the information below and contact [email protected] to get started.

  • Api badges career development more white space 1

    Career Development

    Students who earn this badge will display dedicated action toward integrating their international experience into their future career and professional trajectory. They will be familiar with their individual outcomes of international experience and how those outcomes strengthen their career preparedness and complement their skill set.

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  • Api badges community engagement more white space 1

    Community Engagement

    Students who earn this badge will display commitment toward proactive and meaningful engagement with their immediate community, whether at home or abroad.

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  • Api badge intercultural learning more white space 1

    Intercultural Learning

    Students who earns this badge will display an active interest in learning about the host culture and international environment in diverse ways. They will apply cultural knowledge to more successfully navigate international environments.

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  • Api badges leadership more white space 1


    Students who earn this badge will display the core tenets of successful leadership, including the ability to successfully connect, collaborate, advocate, and integrate their international experience and newfound intercultural knowledge into their personal leadership philosophy.

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  • Api badges mindful travel more white space 1

    Mindful Travel

    Students who earn this badge will display an intentional approach to international travel, including an awareness of safe travel practices, budgeting and financial implications of travel, and the responsibility of sustainable travel.

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  • Api badge global workplace comm more white space

    Global Workplace Communication

    Earn this Digital Badge by navigating diverse cultural workplace environments and developing essential skills necessary for success in a global economy.

    - Contribute meaningfully to strategic goals of an international company by refining communication skills through practice in real time.

    - Demonstrate your ability to embrace innovation in remote work and enhance your individual professional strengths with a global perspective.

  • Api badge global agility more white space copy

    Global Agility

    Earn this digital badge by completing activities attached to API's Global Select program.

    - The exercises are designed to enhance your global career readiness by building skills like leadership, strategic planning, cultural competence, and more!

    - Show employers your agility in embracing diverse points of view to produce meaningful change and transform challenge to opportunity.

  • Api badge global innovation more white space

    Global Innovation

    This digital badge is the capstone badge of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack. Earn it in the Innovation Lab course. With it, you showcase your ability to:

    - Collaborate with teammates to innovate solutions to global challenges.

    - Learn from cultural coaches and build connections with industry mentors.

    - Connect your solutions to real-world applications.

    - Drive innovation to make a meaningful impact.

  • Api badge global teamwork more white space

    Global Teamwork

    This digital badge is part of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack.

    - Earn this digital badge by working with a team to create innovative solutions to global problems.

    - Diverse perspectives, cultural competence, and a drive to succeed are all key to collaborations that make an impact.

    - Assess your collaborative skills, practice peer review, and refine your individual approach to leadership in team settings.

  • Api badge global problem solving more white space

    Global Problem Solving

    This digital badge is part of the Innovation Lab Digital Badge Stack.

    - Earn this badge through addressing global problem solving by embracing diverse perspectives, leveraging curiosity, networking with experts, and piloting solutions.

    - Design, implement, assess, and modifying to test your hypotheses and grow skills of resilience and change management.