API Blog – Interning in Buenos Aires

September 24, 2018

Today’s guest blogger wants to remain anonymous. He’s sharing his perspectives about spending the summer as an intern abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

The colorful streets of Buenos Aires

A typical day as an intern abroad

I intern for a non-profit called TECHO, which works throughout the entirety of Latin America. A typical day at work is somewhat relaxed due to the different work culture. I do not have much structure, but a typical day would include me checking over the social media and seeing what current politics are affecting any of TECHO’s policies. I am currently working on editing photos from our fundraising dinner, that can be used for flyers and thank you messages to those who attended.

The places & the sites

My favorite thing to do is explore the city for different restaurants. I love finding really good local places that I can enjoy the local cuisine. I am all about the food when I go to visit a new country. I want to leave a country feeling like I have tried everything that they are known for and sometimes things they may not be as well known for. I have taken two different weekend trips. One to Colonia, Uruguay and the other to Iguazu Falls, Argentina. I really enjoyed going to Colonia because it was a small quiet town, which is really nice for someone who isn’t used to the busy city life. I just really enjoyed being able to relax and not constantly worry about pickpockets.

Rainbow falls in front of Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls were also incredible. The sight of the falls is breath-taking and if you are fortunate to go on a sunny day, it makes it that much better because there are constant rainbows everywhere. I highly suggest taking the boat ride because they take you into the falls and it is amazing, but do bring a change of clothes because you will get completely drenched. I have made one local friend who is amazing and incredibly helpful.

Comparing Argentina to America

I had heard the Argentina people moved a bit slower and were not as rushed as Americans, like many other European countries. It was interesting because during the World Cup whenever Argentina would play, the entire city would stop. Work would be canceled and everyone would be watching or listening to the game. It is such a major part of their culture. I am a very fast-moving person and like to do things quickly, so I definitely received some culture shock. However, I have started to get used to the slow-moving culture and it is nice to slow down for a bit, especially since I am in a city.

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