API Blog – What It Really Feels Like to Leave… & How to Cope with “The Feels”

September 14, 2018

Guest blogger Tera Cafro rappelling down a cliff

Today’s guest blogger is Tera Cafro! Tera is a junior at Pacific University and is spending this fall semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain.

Guest blogger Tera Cafro explores a cave

“I got the idea for this blog post by reading a post by a previous API blogger who talked about the importance of being honest about feelings. I know from past experience that going through this process sucks, but it helps me release whatever I am feeling.  

I am four days away from getting on a plane to head to Madrid to meet my API coordinator for orientation. I have pretty much packed everything into one suitcase because I know from traveling many times for Speech and Debate in High school or to and from college that it’s so much easier to have less.

I have cried multiple times because of the anxiety of this trip. I feel like I will have a cloud over my head until I actually land and begin the experience. I am anxious because I don’t know who I’ll meet.

But, I remember having similar feelings before moving out-of-state for college. In fact, I hated the rain and dreary climate of Oregon at first, but then I began to appreciate it and discover that while there I was living in a completely different climate than I grew up in, experiencing the feelings of excitement and eagerness to explore a new city were the best.

After reflecting on how I have had a similar experience before, I can remind myself about how to best take advantage of it this time around. Some of things that I did right were:

1. Do something that you would never do!

I signed up for the orientation trip before college to go rock climbing which I had always thought was for crazy fit adventure junkies and then after learning how and becoming comfortable, I became comfortable with it.

2. Talk to as many people as possible.

I made some of my very best friends by introducing myself to people and starting conversation with them.

3. Say yes to as many things as possible.

4. Be yourself around strangers.

Coping with the feelings of moving away are very difficult and sometimes I have felt very alone. Yet, somehow sharing this post has helped.

-Tera Cafro”

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