API Digital Badge Program

May 20, 2021

Since 2016 API has been leading the way in micro-credentialing with the API Learning and Engagement Digital Badge Program. With the badges, students engage in the important work of aligning WHAT they do with WHY they do it. This helps to promote skill development and reflection with each activity and learning opportunity. For example, students are asked to conduct cultural research prior to their program start (pre-departure), also to participate in cultural events on-site, or commit to a volunteer activity.

Badge participants will earn portable, electronic badges for use on résumés, e-portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, personal branding, and websites, etc.  By clicking on the electronic badge icons, viewers will be linked to a detailed explanation of the learning goals behind each badge and the intentional activities the participant completed to earn it.

Recently, API awarded 117 badges to students who participated in our Community Engagement Program. The badges included focuses on intercultural learning, purposeful community engagement, professional skill and career development, global leadership, and mindful travel. Here’s what students are saying about it:

“Today I am proud to be able to share my verified achievement from API. I have earned this recognition after having completed and actively participated in an international project known as API Community Engagement!” – Nicolas C., Badge in Global Teamwork 

“As my junior year comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all the amazing opportunities I was able to be a part of this year. COVID may have prevented me from studying abroad as I had originally planned, but it also brought me a group of amazing people from around the globe. Thank you to everyone in my small group, and everyone at API for allowing me to participate in their Community Engagement Lab. Today we received our certification badges in Global-To-Local Community, Global Teamwork, and Global Problem Solving.” – Haley S.

“I am thrilled to share that I have earned 3 digital badges through my work this semester with API. My cross-functional team and I collaborated from 4 different countries. Arranging each meeting was an obstacle as we were in dramatically different time zones. For our project, we created a community engagement plan for a high school in Dubai. This addressed renewable energy education, outreach, and solar technology installation. Forming an organization on the other side of the world raised many cultural challenges. We relied on experts and community feedback to ensure we were fulfilling a community need. I am super grateful to my coach Heather Lees for guiding us along the way! This was an amazing global experience for being completely virtual and I would highly encourage others to get involved.”- Jonathan M.

“I am super excited to share that for the past 12 weeks I was working on a Community Engagement Lab with API, where I was teamed up with a group of students from different universities around the world in order to solve a global problem. This opportunity helped me address global problem solving by embracing diverse perspectives, leveraging curiosity, networking with experts, and piloting solutions. I was able to design, implement, assess and modify to test hypotheses and grow skills of resilience and change management. Moreover, I completed activities designed to create meaningful community engagement opportunities locally with a global perspective. I connected impactful, team-based solutions to real-world challenges and created change by actively enacting plans developed, designed, and delivered with community goals in mind. I worked with a team to create innovative solutions to global problems. Diverse perspectives, cultural competence, and a drive to succeed were all key to collaborations that had an impact. I was able to assess my collaborative skills, practice peer review, and refine individual approaches to leadership in a team setting. Thank you, API for the amazing learning opportunity!” -Daniela C., Badge in Global Problem Solving 



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