API Internships – A Perfect Fit!

November 18, 2021

By Matthew Spiegel, API Virtual Internship

My name is Matt Spiegel, and I just completed an API virtual internship with a company based out of Dublin, Ireland. I had a truly incredible experience and gained essential skills and badges in communication, leadership, collaboration, not to mention valuable technical knowledge. 

Allow me to introduce myself, I am an incoming junior attending Bentley University near Boston, MA majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Finance. Throughout my sophomore year, I sought a technology-based internship to apply the knowledge I learned in my database and coding courses to a real-world setting. As only a sophomore, I had some trouble finding an internship that would align with my career goals with a somewhat limited and inexperienced background in technology. That is when I came across API and its virtual internship program. I decided to explore more about the opportunity, and one of the best professional and career decisions I have ever made. 

It seemed like API would provide a valuable global experience with an internship tailored to my career goals and interests (more to come on this!) The internship placement process was extensive and specific to each student. My API program managers and advisors were supportive, helpful, and caring; I could tell they made it their mission to ensure each student was suited with the perfect internship and company. I met with several dedicated staff over phone calls and video-chat, and was then placed with my company in a data analytics role. 

For my 8 weeks, I worked closely with the chief technology officer of the company as well as the two co-founders, gaining incredible experience with SQL, Excel, Amazon Quicksight, Google Analytics, and other data analytics software. The hands-on work and projects I completed directly tied with the CS coursework I had just done in the spring semester. This would not have been possible without the incredible staff at API who worked diligently to secure an internship in my specific field and area of computer information systems. 

Before the program began, I did expect a technology-based internship, but not as in-depth and relevant as the one I received. I was extremely impressed and overjoyed with the work I completed and will always be grateful to API for their overwhelming support, flexibility, and professionalism that was displayed by everyone I worked with. 

I highly recommend completing a virtual internship with API, the staff not only assists in fostering a relevant and valuable internship for you, but the program itself also allows you to stand out from the competition through completing a unique global experience while earning essential skills that employers value.  

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions about my experience or seek any advice for the application and placement process!



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