API’s Summer 2023 Programs

January 21, 2022
summer study abroad

Already dreaming of your next summer adventure? Now is a great time to start thinking about a study or intern abroad experience! Check out some of API’s hottest Summer 2023 programs below! You will find application deadlines* for our study abroad and intern abroad programs for the coming summer. 

We’ve included links to get you to the right page on our website, along with the deadlines for each program. You will see there are a variety of deadlines! Now is a great chance to start applying. If you’re unsure about which opportunity is right for you, our Program Finder can help you identify the option that best fits your academic, professional, and personal goals!


Sydney, Full Curriculum at UNSW: April 15


Valparaíso, Summer Business Internship for Advanced Spanish Speakers: April 15

Valparaíso, Summer Chilean Culture and Spanish Language: April 15 


Shanghai, Summer Chinese Language Studies: April 15

Costa Rica

San Joaquín de Flores, Summer Spanish Language and Culture: April 27

San Joaquín de Flores, Summer Advanced Spanish for Medical Professions: April 27

San José, Summer Multidisciplinary and Environmental Studies: April 28

Czech Republic

Prague, Summer Arts and Social Sciences at Charles University: April 15


London, Full Summer Curriculum at Richmond University: April 15

London, Summer Arts at University of the Arts London: April 15

London, Summer Full Curriculum at the London School of Economics: April 15

London, Summer Condé Nast Fashion and Merchandising at Richmond University: April 15


Grenoble, Summer French Language and Culture Studies in French Alps: April 15

Grenoble, Summer Intensive French Language Studies in French Alps: April 28

Grenoble, Summer International Business Studies in French Alps: April 15


Dublin, Accelerated Internship Lab: April 29

Galway, Summer Ecology of Ireland: April 20

Galway, Summer Irish Studies: April 20

Limerick, Summer Irish Studies: April 15 


Kraków, Summer Polish Language and Culture Studies: April 30


Barcelona, Summer Spanish and Catalan Studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra: April 15

Granada, Summer Intensive Spanish Language Studies: April 15

Granada, Summer Spanish Language and Culture Studies: April 15

Madrid, Summer Spanish Language, Humanities, and Business Studies: April 15 

Salamanca, Summer Spanish Language and Culture Studies: April 15

Salamanca, Summer High School Spanish Language and Culture for College Credit: April 15

*As a reminder, applicants should check with their home university’s study abroad office to confirm deadlines and application policies. 

Have questions? You can write a note to  or send us a message via chat. We’re here to provide you with personalized advising and answers to any of your questions!


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