Customized Programming with API: a Faculty Member’s Experience

May 9, 2022

API specializes in creating customized and faculty-led programs abroad in collaboration with university faculty and staff. After working with API to build a customized program in Madrid, visiting professor Julian Zabalbeascoa from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, shared their experience. Read more below. 

“I chose to work with API in Madrid, Spain, because of the broad range of support that they offer, and because of the positive experiences that I’ve had with them while running my university’s study abroad program in Havana, Cuba. Prior to the trip and while in our host city, they are incredibly attentive and responsive to my vision for the programs. In Havana, it is an exploration of Cuban culture while investigating the historically fraught relationship between Cuba and the United States, while in Madrid we are using the Spanish Civil War to explore Madrid and recent Spanish history. 

I highly recommend API. Running a study abroad experience can present stressful moments, but with API these moments are rare, and, should they occur at all, they are immediately and easily resolved. As well, API’s responsiveness and support extend to my students and the experiences they are hoping to have while studying abroad. They have had life-affirming and life-vivifying experiences abroad in Spain and Cuba, and much of this is because of the support that API has provided to both them and me. “

Julian Zabalbeascoa, Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Throughout the process, API will work closely with you and your faculty to develop and implement a customized program that is tailored to your specific needs and priorities.  Curious how we can help you design and build customized programming? Learn more about what you can expect, our process, and how to get started now. 


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