Farewell to Firenze- A Poem

May 23, 2017

This post is from student blogger Sandra Collopy from Saint Michaels College, English and Media Studies Major studying in Florence, Italy.

Moments of stillness
Envelope my heart
And capture my mind
Among Italy’s streets
A pigeon’s feather
Gets swept up by a Fiat
Hair tangles in the breeze
Children chuckle
As they burst sparkling bubbles
Chocolate gelato melts
Down tourists’ hands
Jazz music pauses
Blistered feet, tired
From Florentine cobblestones
Still tap bookstores’
Fading oriental rugs
Cappuccino foam lingers
At the brims of petite mugs
Crisp raindrops land
On surprised noses
Ecstatic tears make tracks
Down gracious cheeks
Golden lights reflect
Off dim stone walls
Bridges mirror
Into lazy Arno ripples
So still, so subtle
I’ll miss it all
Even cigarette smoke mingling
With fresh Piazza air
I stop and feel
What goes unnoticed
Before it’s over


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