Fashion Design Process – Parsons Paris Course Profile

February 1, 2019
Fashion Design Process at Parsons Paris

It’s February! Which means you have just about a month left to apply to study fashion in one of the fashion capitals of the world! Class spots WILL fill up quickly for Parsons Paris prestigious summer Art & Design programs. Students can study photography, drawing, design and more through the scenic lens of Paris. Today we’re focusing on one of the popular options for fashion students: Fashion Design Process!

Fashion Design Process at Parsons Paris

This class offers a dynamic learning environment. Because of this, students are encouraged to develop their own working methodologies, voice and aesthetic as a designer.

Past lecturers of this class say the course also pushes students to reconsider their understanding of fashion and work to move away from existing stereotypes. Research is another fundamental element to the process of fashion design. Students in this course are pushed to think beyond the traditional forms of inspiration and research new ways to discover freedom of expression. Be prepared to flex your creativity muscle and consider fashion concepts in a way you never have before!

This all sounds interesting, but what’s the day-to-day schedule actually like?

The schedule of each class varies depending on the instructor. Coursework has usually consisted of lectures, small group brainstorming sessions, and time for students to work independently. Students will utilize a variety of media forms throughout the Fashion Design Process course, including 2D pattern-cutting, 3D draping, photography, videography, and more.

This class also involves getting on the streets of Europe’s fashion capital. Students visit museums, conduct interviews, and learn from the very best in the fashion biz! This course provides students with the opportunity to explore the modern world of fashion in conjunction with the history of European art and design. It’s a beautiful combination!

What else do students get when they study abroad at Parsons Paris through API?

When students are not in the classroom learning from some of the best names in fashion, they are exploring Paris! Our staff takes students to try French food, visit French sights, and immerse themselves in French culture. Examples of API-sponsored activities include cheese tastings, lunch or dinner reservations, cooking classes and more. Students also visit beautiful places like Versailles and Sacré-Cœur.

If you’re curious about housing options and additional support for students, we spoke with our Resident Directors and our Program Coordinator for Parsons Paris about the in’s & out’s of the programs over on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget that our Summer I program at Parsons Paris includes other options for fashion, art & design students! This year’s course options include the Paris Photo Course, Business of Fashion, and Strategic Brand Design. In addition, we have a Pre-College Program for 16-18 year old students and a Luxury Design Program that takes college students from the fashion center of Paris to the art history center of Florence!

Have more questions? We’re here to help! Call us at 800-844-4124 with any questions. We recommend you get started on those applications early as classes do fill up quickly. Applications are due March 15th!


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