Gap Year Internship in Chile: Grace’s Story

March 7, 2018

This post comes to us from Gap Year Intern, Grace Plunkett. Grace is currently interning with Start Up Chile in Santiago with API. This was originally published on her blog.API intern abroad participant Grace and friends start-up Chile

Update one: First Weeks in Chile

“Hello all I am back (in South America!) I arrived a week ago today and have been pretty busy so I apologize for the delayed post! So far I love my host family, API (the program I am here through), my job, and of course the daily 80 degree and sunny weather! Throughout my first week, I have explored parks, museums, restaurants, and cafes. It truly is a big and beautiful city! I will keep you all updated :)”

Update two: Getting Settled

“Oops! I can’t believe it, but I totally forgot to add some updates! Maybe that is a good thing, though, as I am very busy with work and social related activities!! I have now settled into Santiago and my job and am loving it! The Chilean people in general and, more specifically, my host family and program director are the BEST! They are so loving and supportive! My job is also very very cool! I am interacting and getting exposed to many many startups and I love the energy and business of the company. I have attached some pictures of my fellow interns and I and one that I took in the sculpture park here in Santiago! I will try to give more updates, but am very happy to be so happy here :)”Gap year interns smiling

Update three: Another great week

“I am really thriving here! I think the mix of my first time living in a big city and  having a real job and purpose in a corporate setting are combining to create such happiness! Last weekend I went to the beautiful and artsy coastal city of Valparaiso and this week I am returning to the same area with some friends for a musical festival!
With the new generation of startups being here for a little more than a week, we have plenty to do at work, in addition to preparing for the next application for the NEXT generation to open on February 27! My Spanish is improving every day and I think I am finally catching on to Chilean Spanish. Although it took longer than expected, I am happy to be learning here as they say if you can speak Chilean you can speak any adaptation of Spanish!! As I plan my upcoming weekends, I am dumbfounded by how fast time is going by! I am halfway done with my internship and my family will be arriving in a little over a month! I am already NOT looking forward to leaving Chile and concluding my year in South America. Already making plans to come back :)”

Update four: San Pedro de Atacama

“This past weekend 3 friends and I ventured to the north of Chile to visit the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert! We flew in Thursday night and flew home Sunday evening so we had a very packed couple of days! On Friday, we biked to two lagoons, one being saltier than the Dead Sea so you float by yourself! We concluded the night with an astronomical tour of the stars, but nothing will ever beat the stars at my cabin! 😉 Saturday we took tours to more lagoons, one being filled with wild flamingos, the Atacama Salt flat, and saw around 7 active volcanoes, it was an exciting and full day! The best part of Saturday, though, was watching the sunset from “Moon Valley” which is breathtaking! Sunday involved a VERY early morning to go see some geysers and swim in natural hot springs! Although very tiring, I am very happy I got to go and experience part of the north of Chile!”

Update five: Getting close!

“I absolutely cannot believe how close I am to finishing my time here in Chile. Although I have a packed last couple of weeks full of visits and more traveling, I already am dreading saying goodbye to this country and all those I have met here! Right now, work is constant and good, my friends are amazing, and my boyfriend is currently visiting so I am a happy girl! Next week (my last week at Start Up Chile) we have an important Investors Event and then my family arrives just a few short days after! All I know as I prepare for all of my hello’s and goodbye’s is that I am very very lucky to be doing what I am!”

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