5 reasons to intern abroad in Dublin

January 28, 2019

This week it’s all things internships at API! We have lots of upcoming deadlines for our intern abroad programs, including our placements in Dublin, Ireland! Today’s post comes to us from API’s Dublin Internship Coordinator, Alice Bolger. She is from Ireland and today she’s sharing 5 reasons to intern abroad in Dublin.

API intern coordinator Alice Bolger “Céad míle fáilte” or in English a thousand welcomes!

Before getting down to business I would like to address all reading this as I want to give you all a clear and fair warning. If you are currently undecided about where in the world to intern with API, you may find yourself booking a one way ticket to Ireland after reading this post.

With its luscious green scenery, its enchanting little towns and being the only place in the world that mass produces leprechauns, It really is a must see. It also helps that Michael Flatley and his posse of magical dancers will greet you in full Riverdance mode at the airport. What a welcome that would be! So sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea and prepare to fall in love with this little green island. Here are 5 reasons why should intern abroad in Dublin/

1) Business is Booming.

In the last 10 years Dublin has become a huge hub for international companies. Home to Facebook, Google, Indeed and Apple offices, it offers ample opportunities to young professionals from a large scope of backgrounds, ready to roll up their sleeves and get working!

What makes this extra sweet is that there is literally something for everyone here. Whether you are a marketing whiz or the next Albert Einstein, Ireland has the companies to support your future. If that isn’t attractive enough for you not to worry! Another huge incentive is the fact that Ireland has the highest population of young people in Europe. It is incredibly liberal and diverse with people from all over the world living and thriving here. With the endless opportunities in Dublin and Ireland in general, it really makes it the perfect spot to intern.

Dublin API intern Emilie Noble & friends

2) Dublin has it all

Whether you fancy yourself as an amateur hiker or are more of a ‘longs walks on the beach’ kind of person, don’t sweat it because little Dublin will open her magic arms and give you it all. With The Dublin mountains on your doorstep and beaches to the north, south and east of you at all times, Dublin city’s stunning surroundings are literally a stone’s throw away.

A 40 minute commute will transport you into Dublin’s Narnia. But lets say a 40 minute commute isn’t for  you- No worries. The heart of the city can be found in it’s public parks. Take a stroll through Phoenix Park and watch mama deer and their Bambi’s frolic in the long grass. Sit on a bench and munch away on your Tayto sandwich whilst listening to birding chirping and water trickling in Stephens Green. After a day of learning and working in your internship, having a gander through the quaint Stephens Green is ideal for unwinding.

3) The People are great – and I’m not just saying that

If you haven’t heard it before, the Irish are possibly the most congenial people in the world.  Get lost in the city- don’t you worry one little bit. Anyone who sees you looking lost will scoot on over to you and help direct you as best possible. Accidentally swing into a stranger walking on the same narrow path as yourself? They will actually turn around to you and apologise… Apologise to you for your mistake! They will welcome you with open arms as though you were part of their brethren. You can go ahead and call Ireland your home away from home!

Making friends and meeting co-workers can be a really daunting prospect for an intern especially if it is your first professional experience. However, with hospitality like this you needn’t worry. It’s this warmth that makes our interns want to stay here for longer and in some cases move here!

4) The culture

The natural aesthetics of Dublin tell the same story as school books. The city is steeped head to toe in history and culture.  On the south side of the river you will find buskers lamenting you up Grafton Street and dancers swinging their hips and taking flight at the top of Stephens Green.

To the north side you will find bullet holes from the 1916 Rising in the general post office on O’Connell Street. You’ll also find market stalls with delicious Irish produce. Smack down in the middle of the city, amidst the madness, you will find the pulse of Dublin located in temple bar with traditional Irish singers howling through the old jam packed bars, singing for their supper. And that’s just the half of it.

Dying to tuck into a delicious bowl of feijoada or a cast iron pan of Paella? Dublin will serve it up to you on its finest china. These days Dublin prides itself on its liberality and boasts about its diversity. Even though you might hear a rare few speaking ‘a cupla focal’ ( translated means a few words) of the lovely Gaelic language, English is our mother tongue, which cuts language barrier issues out of the equation for the most part anyway.  

5) ‘The craic is always Ninty’

Let me stop you before you have even began to think.  When you hear an Irish person talk about the craic they don’t mean anything sinister at all, in fact its quite the opposite. The craic is the most Irish-est of words used to describe everything and everyone that’s good fun. ‘ Ah in fairness, he is great craic’ or ‘ oh it was mighty craic altogether’ are both the highest forms of compliments to be received in Ireland.  

But the coolest thing about Dublin, and what Dublin interns will find out very quickly is that the craic is everywhere. It runs through the walls of Dublin and its rooted itself in the Dublin foundations. Long work days are a thing of the past when you know that just around every corner the craic is waiting for you.

Dublin Is a brilliant vibrant city to live in for anyone. Its relatively safe, its stunning to look at it and its fun to be in. So what are you waiting for? Pick Dublin as your Intern destination and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Interested in interning abroad in Dublin? Looking for help getting started? Give us a call: 800-844-4124 or visit our website!


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