Intern in Lisbon! A new city to #internabroad with API!

January 25, 2019
students in lisbon portugal

Great news! API is expanding our internship placement opportunities! Starting THIS SUMMER, students can intern abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. That brings the total number of beautiful cities where you can #internabroad with API to 16! Today, thanks to the help of Carlos Loureiro (one of our fantastic on-site staff in Lisbon), we’re diving into five major reasons to intern abroad here this summer:

Lisbon students walking near museums

1. Lisbon welcomes new people and new cultures

According to Carlos, “For centuries, Lisbon has grown used to welcoming new people and new cultures. Portuguese people are much known for being friendly, spontaneous and for having a great openness towards foreigners. Lisbon is multicultural and home to several communities. In addition, English is widely spoken around the city.”

While some places may have a reputation for ‘curmudgeon locals’, that is far from the case in Lisbon. Our study abroad programs here have been a huge success, and we owe a lot of that success to the city’s friendly people. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome our first interns in Lisbon this summer!

2. It’s literally one of the oldest cities in the world

Move over, Rome! Established around 1200 BC by the Phoenicians, Lisbon is older than its Italian counterpart. Other groups who have maintained control over present-day Lisbon at one point or another include the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, and more! Today the city is considered a historical mecca, similar to the likes of Istanbul, Budapest and Rome. However, because it’s somewhat of a “hidden gem” in Europe, Lisbon remains a perfect place to immerse yourself in world history while avoiding large crowds. History buffs will fit right in when they intern in Lisbon.

3. Portugal is thriving

Lisbon, and indeed Portugal at large, has welcomed an economic comeback. The city headed into the 21st century dealing with debt and struggling citizens. However, after several fiscal and economic reforms, Portugal is now thriving. Not only does this make Lisbon a great city for an internship with a local business, it also provides opportunities to learn more about real-life foreign and budgetary policy.

students in lisbon portugal

4. Lisbon has beautiful weather… & plenty to do, year-round!

Carlos says it best: “Lisbon is blessed with perfect weather all year round. In summer, esplanades are a perfect spot for a cheerful chat and a tasteful meal. After a busy day why not finish it at one of the closest beaches just relaxing and drinking a fresh juice or surfing and playing Beach Soccer with friends.”

If you’re a fan of warm days and cool breezes, an internship abroad in Lisbon will feel like it comes with the feel of a beautiful beach vacation! You’ll also find a wide variety of music festivals, street markets, and other outdoor events that will truly connect you to the Portuguese culture and beauty.

Are museums more your idea of fun? Lisbon has plenty, including two rather unusual museums: The Azulejo Museum showcases a large collection what the Iberian Peninsula is known for: azulejos (painted tiles)! Another cool museum is the National Museum of Coaches. Occupying a wing of the Portuguese president’s official residence, it boasts a big display of carved and gilded coaches (as in horse drawn carriages!). Of course, there are a wide variety of other museums throughout Lisbon that house modern art, culture, history and more.

5. Lisbon is an economic choice to build your resume

Because Lisbon is the most populated city in Portugal, it’s the perfect place to increase your list of contacts and build up your personal and professional network with both locals and expats living and working in Lisbon. In addition, Portuguese Language is the 6th most spoken language around the world and the official language to several countries. It is a great to learn a different language and have access to several job markets.

Want to intern abroad in Lisbon? Applications to join us here this summer are due February 15th!


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