Intern Profile: Conner

July 5, 2017
This intern spotlight is on Conner Arman from the University of Kentucky. Conner is a communication technology major who is currently interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Which company are you an intern for? Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on? 

I am working for an Artificial Intelligence company known as Robbie AI. Robbie AI produces facial recognition software that analyzes people emotions through the use of a simple webcam. The software can be used for health purposes, interviewing, and marketing, by analyzing how a person responds to a situation. I work a typical 9-5 from Monday through Thursday and sometimes stay later depending on my workload. I am currently working on helping develop a lead scoring system for clients, implementing tracking through website code, and business development with various clients. I am expanding my skills in the sales and business development field while working for a tech company within the industry.

Could you see yourself having a future career in the industry that you are currently interning within? What are you learning?

I could see myself having a Career within a tech related industry. I believe that this has opened up my eyes to sales and client relations/business development within the industry.

 What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Have you taken any cool trips on your weekends off? Established any new friendships?

 My favorite thing to do with free time is exploring the city. There is so much to do in Barcelona and people from all parts of the world. I have been able to make tons of friends within the API Apartment who I am able to go out with or hang out with on the regular. I traveled to Geneva, Lake Annecy, and the French/Swiss Alps last weekend, and plan on going to Ibiza to see the “Chainsmokers” preform this weekend. The best part about Europe is the ability to travel around so easily. There is tons of stuff to do in and around Barcelona.

Were the expectations you had of your host culture met? Why or why not? Was the vision of yourself in interaction with the host culture realized? Why or why not? What about your pre-conceived notions?

While I am not fluent in Spanish yet, I enjoy the Spanish culture. It’s much more laid back and focused on experiences rather than materialistic things. There is always something to do and the culture emphasizes going out for Coffee or Tapas instead of hanging out in the apartment.

It has been a great trip so far and I am very happy with my Apartment! I am enjoying my time and Barcelona is everything that I could have wished for!


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