Intern Profile: Miriam

July 12, 2017
This intern spotlight is on Miriam Peacock from West Virignia University. Miriam is a Marketing and Sales major who is currently interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Which company are you an intern for? Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently interning for a company called Adictik. It’s basically an app that allows everyday people be the creators of their own ad. All they have to do is post a picture on the app and throw any brands logo on it! It’s a really cool idea. A typical work day would be arriving at 10:00 am, making a cup of coffee and then sitting down at this big table with the rest of the 6 workers working on our own thing on our laptops. The boss will assign each of us specific tasks depending on our roles. I’m the Sales Director so I’m in charge of contacting big brands to try to get them to invest in Adictik!

Could you see yourself having a future career in the industry that you are currently interning within? What are you learning?

I could definitely see myself having a future career in this industry! My boss actually told me the other day he wants me to stay with the company even when I go back! My major is marketing with an emphasis in sales so this is exactly what I want to do when I’m older. I’m learning so much, like how to really draw in a company with just a short email, how to target the right person, and what I should say!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Have you taken any cool trips on your weekends off? Established any new friendships?

My favorite thing to do in my free time is just walk around. The city is so lively at every point in the day so it’s nice to just window shop and people watch. I’ve been traveling every weekend I’ve been here. So far I’ve been to France, Italy, Tossa Del Mar (a beach in Spain), and next weekend I’m going to Amsterdam! I’m staying here the two weekends after that because one weekend is Pride Weekend and that’ll be really cool to see/be apart of, and the other weekend there is a music festival with all my favorite artists right on the beach here so I’m very excited for that!

Were the expectations you had of your host culture met? Why or why not? Was the vision of yourself in interaction with the host culture realized? Why or why not? What about your pre-conceived notions? 

I knew Barcelona would be fun but I wasn’t expecting it to be this fun! I feel like I have to be out doors at all points of the day because 1) the weather is so nice and it never rains, so take advantage of that! And 2) it gets dark so late! Late as in almost 10:00 pm. When it’s day light outside and I’m just hanging out inside, I feel like I’m wasting away a perfectly good day, no matter how exhausted I am. And 3) I’m only here for 4 more weeks and there’s still so much more to experience, see, and so many more places to eat at!


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